Garage doors are more than just a decorative feature; they can save energy, improve curb appeal, and increase property value. However, if your garage door has seen better days, it may be time to replace it to keep your home in good repair.

Knowing what you are getting for your money before scheduling garage door installation in your home is always a good idea. The cost of a new garage door is influenced by the factors listed below. The more you understand these crucial elements, the easier it will be to make an informed choice. As a result, you’ll almost certainly be pleased with the outcome.

Material Cost

Quality materials are required for a high-quality garage door. The material is essential in several aspects, including pricing. Different types of wood, like varying types of metal, have different prices. The thick metal is more durable and can withstand the elements better, but it is also expensive. Additional materials, such as window glass or insulation, also impact the cost.

The door’s size also dictates the cost of the materials. This one should go without saying, as the larger the door, the more it will cost. For example, a two-car door will cost more than a one-car door simply because it requires more construction material. In addition, a bigger door will likely require thicker cables, larger springs, more durable tracks, and a larger, more expensive opener. A custom-sized garage door will also cost more than standard-sized garage door models because standard-sized garage doors are mass-produced at a lesser cost.

Design Cost

Garage doors today push the design edge and come in various forms, such as hinged, folding, vanishing, horizontal opening, and more. Homeowners can also choose whatever architectural details they desire on their door (raised moldings, etc.). However, when you depart from the traditional overhead garage door design, you almost certainly will bear additional charges. 

Opening Mechanism

Swing-open garage doors require a different type of door opener than standard roll-up garage doors, which are often more expensive. Similarly, a single-car overhead door requires a single-car opener. However, a two-car overhead door will necessitate a considerably larger, thus more costly opener. Chain drives, belt drives, screw drives, and direct drives are all used in roll-up garage door openers, with the chain drive being the least expensive and the direct drive being the most costly. Unsurprisingly, the chain drive is the loudest, while the direct drive is the quietest and smoothest. So it is a case of paying for what you receive.


On specific automatic garage door motor models, homeowners can choose to install a lock. With a lock installed, the garage door can only be opened from within the house. This feature can keep your properties in the garage safe. There are solutions for auto-locking garage door openers rather than installing a separate lock owing to the risk to your door. Some opening brands offer openers that work in tandem with an automated sliding lock or deadbolt lock, ensuring that your door is not damaged. We favor slide locks over deadbolts because they may be used on any sectional door. They are also less expensive to install because they do not require changes to the door or opener. If you do not have an automatic garage door opener, installing a lock is an excellent option for your home’s safety and security.

Geographical Area

Because of national price variances, your geographic location can influence how much garage door replacement costs. Another aspect is that some places require garage door reinforcement to prevent buckling in severe winds. Certain door materials are not approved for every location, and local building codes indicate which materials are not recommended.


When considering a home’s long-term value and design style, a garage door tailored to match the rest of the house’s style may all be worthwhile. Let us assume you want something made of high-quality materials with some unique characteristics that set it apart from the rest of the garage doors in the community. Custom hardware, etched glass, LED lighting, and customized trim are some distinguishing elements. It will cost you more if you prefer hardwood instead of pressed wood, and insulated steel, aluminum, or fiberglass doors will cost you more than a single-face, uninsulated steel, aluminum, or fiberglass door.

If you are ordering a customized door, keep in mind the additional labor expenses that come with each additional detail. Homeowners can ask a reputable garage door service to add the elements they require, including windows, wood trim, and custom hardware.

Add-On Features

Generally, residential owners determine the materials, design, mechanism, and other architectural elements required based on their personal preferences and needs. For example, a thicker metal is necessary for a fire door. There is not any other choice. On the other hand, windows are not always required. Insulation materials also define the cost of installing a new garage door. So it is better to check what works and what does not for you before making the final decision.


Garage doors help homeowners save energy by reducing the severe temperature changes in a space adjacent to the house. Choosing insulated garage doors can help you save money on electricity by limiting temperature changes even further. It is essential to look for an R-value (how well a material maintains heat) of at least 12 or more for maximum benefit.


Many companies sell residential garage doors that are fire-rated. These outside doors can have solid panels or be custom-made to match the rest of their home’s design by choosing from a wide array of wood types and styles. The majority of the wood doors have a fire rating of 20 minutes. The MDF (medium-density fiberboard) doors, on the other hand, come with fire ratings of 20 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes. So, if you want to improve the protection of your home from fire and smoke, it would not hurt to learn more about the many benefits of having a fire-rated overhead door.

Labor and Installation

The cost of the above components, plus the cost of having someone physically install all of those components, determine the total cost of a garage door installation. Make no mistake: choosing a professional garage door installation is the only way, as garage doors can be hefty. As you approach or exit the garage, hundreds of pounds will be hanging over your automobile. And hundreds of pounds that could fall on a child or pet if they go under the open door as it breaks down. So do not take the risk. Hire a reputable garage door company.

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