The man door is a component of the garage door design style that has recently gained popularity in residential garages. Man doors have the power to improve the functionality and aesthetics of most homeowners. Moreover, these doors can be both beneficial and practical. For instance, it can be much easier to use a side entrance than the primary garage door for some tasks or errands.  The same idea has now been applied to increase the functionality of some commercial buildings. To learn if incorporating this function is a worthwhile investment, let us go over some reasons for installing a “man door” into your commercial garage door.

What is a Man Door?

Perhaps you have heard of man doors, but what are they used for? The man door is typically the only door in a production setting—a door created just for a person to pass through. Installing this type of entrance as an addition to equipment is beneficial for keeping personnel safe, provides speedier access and is more practical in some situations than the conventional garage doors. Man doors are typically located adjacent to huge equipment openings to protect workers from being hurt as they enter with equipment or when pieces unexpectedly move past them.

Why Install a Man Door?

It provides easier access to employees and customers.

If you are a business owner with a parking lot on your property, you may have thought of building a garage to benefit your clients and staff. In that case, you may consider adding a man door to your garage. A man door is perfect for commercial garages that serve as parking areas at the same time.

It is more convenient for persons with disabilities or special needs.

As already mentioned, this man door serves as an entryway for people entering and out of a commercial area. On top of that, this access also makes it simpler for individuals who are in wheelchairs, bicycles, and pedestrians with special needs. In addition, since these doors often open to a higher level than conventional doors, they are more advantageous for those who have trouble rising or descending from a standard height.

It gives you added security.

Man doors are often constructed of sturdy, fireproof, and weatherproof materials that are less likely to be tampered with or kicked in. So if you own an industrial firm and need greater security, a man door can be your best option.

It saves you money from upkeep costs.

Because man doors operate manually, they have fewer moving parts and do not rely on complicated electrical components to function; they are simpler to service and maintain than automatic doors. In the long run, it translates to time and money savings on inspections and maintenance. Hence, man doors may be ideal if you need to install multiple entries on your property and want to lower maintenance costs.

Functionality Over Style

Man doors can be pretty attractive from an aesthetic standpoint. Some business owners, however, do not care how their man doors look, but you may use them to improve the appearance of the rest of your custom garage doors.  Man doors come in various shapes and colors, but generally speaking, they are not as fashionable as automatic doors. Automatic doors frequently include wide panes and slick hardware, which can offer your establishment a posh appearance. Therefore, an automatic door might be a better choice if you want a door that will convey the professionalism of your company. However, a man door can be the preferable option if all that matters to you is functionality. Installing a man door, sometimes referred to as a garage door operator, is probably something you want to consider if you are interested in installing a commercial garage door. Your full-sized door does not need to be replaced to gain quick access to your garage with a man door. With the help of professional experts from Titan Garage Doors NE, you can install a “man door” in your commercial garage.

Commercial Garage Door Installation Near Me

On the lookout for a new commercial garage door? You will not have to search very far on the internet to find a variety of appealing designs that appeal to your interests and needs. At Titan Garage Doors NE, we guarantee to install commercial garage doors, commercial overhead doors, and every type of garage door that meets your preferences and requirements.

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