Imagine it is a quiet evening, and you are settling in for the night and ready to drift off to sleep. But then, a thought crosses your mind: “Is my garage door secure?” It is a valid concern now that garage door break-ins are becoming more sophisticated in Omaha, NE. That is why you need to take action to make your door safer. This guide will explore ten easy yet effective ways to keep your home safe and secure from garage door break-ins. From new technology to good security habits, discover everything you need to know to feel safe at home.

Why Do Burglars Target Garage Doors?

Burglars often target garage doors for a number of reasons, which makes them an easy way for them to get into homes. Here is why:

Often With the Weakest Security

Most homeowners do not lock their garage doors the same way they lock their front doors. Sometimes, they might even leave them open or make it easy to break into. Also, thieves may steal or hack into your garage door remotes.

Less Visible to Neighbors

Garage doors are not always easy to see from the street or by neighbors. For example, your garage door is on the side or back of the house. That makes it easier for burglars to get in without being noticed.

Easiest Way Into Your House

Lots of homes have a door from the garage to the house, but this door is not always as secure. A burglar can try to get into your house without being seen once they are in your garage.

10 Ways to Prevent Garage Door Break-Ins

Garage door break-ins are much less likely to happen if you make your garage door more secure. Here are ten ways to secure your garage door and make your home less appealing to thieves:

Upgrade to a Smart Garage Door Opener

A smartphone app lets you monitor and operate your smart garage door opener for added security. It is harder for thieves to hack your garage door signal because most models have encryption and rolling code technology built in.

A smart garage door opener

Use a Good Quality Garage Door Lock

If your garage door does not have a sturdy lock, this is the time to install one. By adding a strong deadbolt or a lock with a programmable keypad, you can make your garage a lot more secure.

Install Motion-Detecting Lights

If a burglar approaches your garage door, bright lights that turn on when they sense motion can scare them away. It also lets you and your neighbors know they are there.

Cover Windows to Conceal Contents

If your garage has windows, consider frosting them or using curtains to prevent thieves from peering inside. If they can not see what is inside, they are less likely to break in. You might also want to add a garage door window tint to make your home safer without blocking out natural light.

Reinforce the Garage Door

You can make your garage door tougher by adding more brackets, installing a garage door brace, or using a security bar. These measures can make the door more resistant to forced entry.

Install a Security Camera

Security cameras are a powerful deterrent for burglars. They may be less likely to break in if they see a camera nearby. Choose the most efficient model with night vision and motion detection.

Secure the Garage Door Emergency Release

There is a lever that opens the garage door in emergencies, but burglars could use it to get in. You can tie it up with a zip tie to prevent it from being pulled from outside, but it will still work if you need it.

Regular Garage Door Maintenance and Inspection

Check and maintain your garage door, tracks, and opener regularly. You are less likely to experience garage door break-ins if you schedule your maintenance once a year.

Use a Timer

If you often forget to close your garage door, a timer-to-close feature would be of use. It automatically closes the door after a pre-set time. This way, your garage would not stay open by accident.

Install a Garage Door Alarm

An alarm on your garage door can scare off burglars by making a loud noise if someone tries to break in. You can get a garage alarm that only works in your garage or one that links to the security system in your entire house. Both will keep your garage and home safe.

Security Habits to Enhance Your Garage and Home Safety

Here are several habits homeowners should adopt to enhance their garage and overall home security:

Always Lock the Door Between the Garage and Home

Be sure to check your door locks from time to time. Keep the door from your garage to your house locked and see if it is working, just like your front door.

A woman using a garage door lock to prevent garage door break-ins

Secure Garage Doors and Windows Before Leaving

Ensure that all garage doors and windows are firmly closed and locked whenever you leave the house. Even if you plan to be away for only a short period, an open or unlocked garage can present an inviting target for thieves.

Maintain a Clear Exterior

Keep the area around your garage door free of big bushes or other plants that thieves could use as cover. Keeping the area around your garage clear and easy to see through helps scare off burglars. It also lets your neighbors and anyone walking by spot anything weird or suspicious.

Be Mindful of What You Share Online

Posting about vacations or times when you are not at home could accidentally tell burglars that your house is empty. So avoid posting personal information online, especially about where you are or anything about your home’s security.

Encourage Community Vigilance

Talk to your neighbors and think about starting or joining a local watch program. A community that looks out for each other can be incredibly effective in preventing crime and reporting suspicious activities.

Garage Door Lock Near Me

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