Are you considering a fiberglass garage door or aluminum garage door for your next upgrade? When it comes to new garage door installation, one of your most essential decisions is the door’s material. Fiberglass and aluminum are both common choices, but their properties are significantly different. So, which is the best option for your garage? To help you decide, Titan Garage Doors NE put up a list of factors you must consider. Let us have a look at how aluminum and fiberglass doors compare.

Fiberglass Garage Door vs. Aluminum Garage Door


The materials used to construct garage doors have a significant impact on their sturdiness. Aluminum is a modern and less expensive alternative. It is reliable for a few years but is less robust than steel or wood. Aluminum garage doors are more likely to dent and require more upkeep to maintain their appearance. Fiberglass doors are a popular alternative to aluminum doors since they are less expensive. However, they are susceptible to sunlight and can fade over time.

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Aluminum garage doors are known for being low-maintenance, requiring no painting or staining, and possibly never needing replacement. Due to their rust-proof nature, aluminum garage doors are preferable to other metal options. Fiberglass remains the most durable alternative for coastal homes as it is a non-rusting material. Aluminum garage doors are a fantastic alternative for coastal homes since they do not rust. But fiberglass garage doors are more durable and come in a variety of finishes and colors.

Energy Efficiency

Aluminum is not the best option if you want to keep your garage warm in winter and cool in summer. However, adding insulation is an option. Polyurethane insulation is optional in aluminum rails and stiles. Between the two materials, fiberglass is more recommended since it is more insulating than aluminum. Both materials can be used in translucent garage door models to help you save energy. These doors reduce the number of unneeded lights in your garage.


Some manufacturers provide a wide range of bespoke colors and finishes for aluminum garage doors. Others emphasize smooth finishes and panels for fiberglass garage doors. For a unique aesthetic, some garage door companies allow the addition of hardware and window designs. They include ornamental hardware and huge glass panes. Wood-grain finishes and a variety of decorative accents can simply be added to the standard aluminum and fiberglass models. That allows you to make your garage more expressive of your unique style.

Which Material Is the Right One for You?

The fact that a fiberglass garage door is normally insulated is probably why more people choose to install one. The fiberglass itself is the second advantage of fiberglass material. This type of material increases the garage door’s durability over aluminum and other garage door materials. Furthermore, it provides homeowners with a sound-resistant material that prevents outside noise from entering the house. If your home is modern, fiberglass doors will look far better than other more traditional materials in terms of aesthetics.

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Aluminum garage doors are also highly popular. They are a very durable material that homeowners can enjoy for many years. Furthermore, the weight of this style of door is another advantage. Aluminum garage doors are relatively lightweight when compared to other types of garage doors. Thus, the expense of replacing them will be minimal. 

Garage Door Installation Near Me

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