Modern conveniences like automatic garage doors can also cause concerns. The truth is garage doors are prone to many electrical problems. There are many reasons for this, but the most common is that the opener is old and worn out. If your garage door opener is not working right, it might be an electrical issue. This blog will discuss some of the most common garage door electrical problems and how to find and fix them. We will also discuss how to keep electrical troubles from happening in the first place.


The Common Garage Door Electrical Problems

Here is a list to help you identify some common electrical problems:

Tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse

This problem happens if the garage door opener has a short circuit. If the door does not open or close after checking the batteries and the photo eye sensors, check the circuit breaker or fuse box.

A circuit breaker with labels

Noisy garage door opener components

Do you sometimes hear your garage door squeaking? Then, it could be a sign of a problem with the motor, the gears, or the belt. If you hear any odd sounds from your opener, please have a garage door technician check it.

Opener not working with the remote control

That could be because the remote control’s battery is dead, the garage door opener’s receiver is broken, or the wiring is faulty.

Garage door sensors not working

With these sensors, the garage door will not close on anything or anyone in its way. The door might not open or close if the sensors do not work right.

Wiring problems

If the wire in the garage door opener system is faulty, it can cause several problems, like the door not opening or closing at all. In such cases, it is best left to a garage door specialist who can repair and replace worn-out components.

How to Troubleshoot Garage Door Electrical Problems

Do you notice any of the above issues? Then, you can try to repair the garage door yourself. First, ensure the garage door opener has power by checking the circuit switch and fuse box. If the power is on, you can try to reset the circuit switch or change the fuse. If turning the circuit breaker back on or changing the fuse does not fix the problem, you may need to call a garage door technician. They can surely find ways to figure out what is wrong and fix it in no time.

Prevent Garage Door Electrical Issues From Happening

You can do a few things to avoid electrical problems with your garage door:

Keep your garage door opener clean and well-maintained

Clean and maintain your garage door opener to keep the motor, gears, and belt running smoothly. See whether the garage door opener is free of debris and obstructions. Doing so keeps the door from getting stuck or not working right.

Inspect the wiring regularly for signs of damage

Always check the wires for signs of damage. That will help you figure out if there are any problems before they become bigger. If you find any broken wires, fix or replace them immediately.

A homeowner troubleshooting potential garage door electrical problems

Use a surge protector

To protect your garage door opener from power surges, use a surge protector. This device will help keep the motor and other parts from damage resulting from electrical surges.

Replace remote or keypad batteries

Replace the batteries in your remote or keypad every six months to one year. This simple step will help ensure that the remote always works when needed.

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