Have you heard the old saying, “A stitch in time saves nine?” Well, that phrase rings true for garage door hinge maintenance as well. If you want to keep your garage door hinges working properly, it pays to take a little time and do some regular upkeep. 

Garage door hinge maintenance is crucial to ensure your garage door has a long life and effective operation. Hinges between each garage door panel hold them together. Old or rusted hinges can cause the door to fall out of alignment, making it more difficult to open and close. To make sure your garage door works well, you should check and fix the hinges regularly and repair them when needed. Read on for an easy guide to keeping your garage door hinges in working order!

How Important Are Hinges in Garage Doors?

A garage door cannot work properly without hinges. They hold the door’s sections together and let them move with ease as it opens and closes. Hinges also help spread the door’s weight evenly, making the opener less stressed and ensuring the door works safely and consistently.

A close-up shot of a garage door hinge

If the hinges are not working right or are damaged, it can cause problems with the door’s alignment, balance, and general operation. Damaged hinges can cause a door to become unstable or fall off its tracks. As a result, it can be dangerous and cause damage to property or injury to people. That is why you should perform regular maintenance and inspection of the hinges. Should you notice any damaged or worn-out hinges, you should replace them right away. It will make sure that your garage door is safe and works well.

Proper Garage Door Hinge Maintenance

Follow these steps to keep garage door hinges in good shape:

Check the hinges regularly. At least once a year, check the hinges to ensure they are in good shape. Look for signs of wear, such as cracks or breaks, rust, or damage.

Lubricate the hinges. Put a small amount of oil, such as silicone or white lithium grease, on the hinges to keep them moving smoothly. Use a rag or a brush to get rid of any dust or dirt before adding the lubricant.

Check the screws. Inspect the screws that hold the hinges in place and fix any loose ones. Loose screws can make the hinges move, affecting the door’s balance.

Replace hinges that are broken or rusty. If you see cracks, breaks, or rust on the hinges, you should replace them as soon as possible. If the door’s hinges are broken, it could become unstable or fall off its tracks, which is risky.

Test the door’s balance. Disconnect the door starter and lift the door by hand to about waist height every so often to check the door’s balance. If the door stays open, the balance is right. The balance is right if the door stays open. It might need to be modified if it moves by itself, making the hinges less effective.

By doing these steps to maintain your garage door hinges, you can help them last longer and ensure the door opens and closes safely and efficiently. Taking care of these vital pieces of hardware is straightforward and achievable with the right knowledge and tools. 

A homeowner performing garage door hinge maintenance

Benefits of Garage Door Hinge Maintenance

Guaranteed Safety

Broken garage door hinges can be dangerous and cause harm or damage to property. When the garage door hinges are in good shape, it is less likely that the door will not open or fall off its tracks.

Improved functionality

Keeping the door’s hinges in good shape makes sure that the door opens and closes easily and efficiently. Plus, your opener will not have to work as hard and will last longer than before.

Quieter Operation

Enjoy a much smoother and quieter operation from well-lubricated hinges on your garage doors. That means your family, friends, and neighbors will not be complaining about the annoying sounds from your garage. 

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