One of the most expensive mobile furniture in your home or business area is likely your garage door. A garage door may appear to be one enormous piece, but it comprises numerous connected parts. It may also appear to be the simplest thing when your door is operational. It is simple as pie: you press a button, and the door opens; you press it again, and it closes. Eventually, your garage door will begin to malfunction, making it difficult to open and close, and this may even result in an unprecedented event. Disregarding the problem and delaying the necessary repair is not ideal because it may worsen the problem, causing an accident or injury to anyone around. It can be difficult, time-consuming, and even physically taxing at times.

Although you do not need to be able to remember every single part of your door, it is helpful to be able to recognize the major components and understand how they work in general. Understanding how your garage door functions will help you see worn-out hardware, realize when maintenance or repairs are necessary, and interact with experts more successfully. Here is a list of the essential components of your garage door system. Let us learn a little bit more about them and how they function.

The parts of a garage door system and how they work

Garage Door Panels

The door components visible from the outside, whether the door is open or closed, are referred to as garage door panels. These panels are usually made of wood or metal, although they could also be made of high-grade plastic, such as vinyl.

Wood is the most widely used material for panels because of the material’s availability and usability. All that was required to create panels was a simple cut to the slat’s length. Then, any number of panels may be placed in a matter of hours, depending on the width of the doorway.

Steel is one material that has subtly taken the place of wood in garage doors. Compared to wood, steel door panels are far more weather-resistant. Steel panels also have a longer lifespan than other types due to their increased durability. Most of the time, steel-made doors are also lighter than wood, which may or may not be a consideration depending on the size of the door and the strength of the garage door opener.

As your door panels begin to deteriorate, other parts of the door may also have other issues. Although the door panel may not be the exact problem, you may become aware of structural issues because of the panels’ exterior appearance. In these situations, it may be better to call in a garage door service professional, like Titan Garage Doors NE, to assess the problem and offer practical solutions or suggest possible fixes.

Garage Door Opener

You can open the door from the comfort of your car with an automatic garage door opener. Radio frequencies are used to power these openers. The door opens or closes when the frequencies match up.

Garage door openers come in five different types:

  1. Chain-drive. The trolley is connected to the motor with a chain that resembles a bicycle’s.
  2. Belt-drive. With belt drive openers, the chain is replaced by a rubber belt.
  3. Screw-drive. A lengthy screw is located inside the track of screw drive openers. This screw is used to attach the trolley.
  4. Direct drive. It uses a gear wheel to move the trolley along a fixed chain with the motor housed inside the trolley.
  5. Jackshaft. The motor is mounted on the wall at either end of the torsion bar.

Tracks and Rollers

Another vital part of any garage door system is the rollers. These rod-and-wheel mechanisms attach the door to a series of tracks and enable quick and effortless opening and closing. The rollers are always working when you open and close your door. But they need to be replaced now and then because of gradual wear and tear.

Torsion and Extension Springs

Large springs have a crucial role in both opening and shutting the door. A garage door spring balances out the pull of gravity on the door. In essence, a spring makes your door lightweight so that you can push it up on your own or with the help of the opener.

The most common kind of spring is the torsion spring. Torsion springs use torque to function, whereas an extension spring extends to do it. Since they are strong, these springs typically last longer than other types. All the remaining parts include the drums, cables, rollers, track, and hinges, work together with the springs to lift the door. If something is not working right with your door, put safety first and take appropriate action. If you do not replace your broken springs, other components are more likely to malfunction.

Brackets and Hinges

The hinges hold your garage door’s sections together and fold, allowing the door to bend as it moves along the track. Galvanized steel is commonly used in the production of standard hinges, which come in many forms, shapes, and gauges to suit the door’s overall dimensions and the presence and positioning of windows.

There are two widely used gauge sizes and widths for hinges. If replacing the hinges on your residential garage door, you will have to use 14-gauge or heavier hinges. On the other hand, you need a thicker hinge gauge of 11 or less for a commercial garage door.

When to Call the Professionals

The above is by no means a complete list of all components that make up a garage door system, even though these parts are most likely to break or damage over time or stop your door’s functioning if they malfunction. You may, however, be more ready to deal with any maintenance concerns that arise by figuring out the fundamentals.

However, if you are worried about your garage door malfunctioning and unsure of how to deal with it, there are services that help with seamless operation. They also help determine whether the doors are in good shape and functioning.

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