The first modern-day garage door sensor was invented in 1985. Since then, they have significantly evolved to become a must in garage doors. Garage door safety sensors have come a long way in recent years. Sensors today are more powerful than they were in the past. Furthermore, they have become more efficient, affordable, and easier to install than ever. Our experts at Titan Garage Doors NE listed the following facts about garage door safety sensors will help you understand why they are so important.

What is a garage door safety sensor?

The garage door safety sensor also goes by the terms ‘electric eyes’ and ‘photo eyes’. These sensors consist of two units mounted on the garage door’s two sides. The two devices link together by an infrared (IR) beam that is unnoticeable to the naked eye. The opener will close the door as long as the IR beam is intact and the two sensors are connected. Anything solid, such as a child, a pet, a car tire, or a ball, can disrupt the infrared beam. The garage door will stop closing and reverse to its open position the moment something blocks the infrared beam.

The U.S. Federal Law requires all garage doors to include safety sensor

Safety sensor is a legally required safety system for garage doors in the United States. It is to decrease the number of children who die from being entrapped by garage doors that have automatic openers. Garage door installation of doors manufactured after January 1, 1993, must comply with the United States Federal Law UL 325. This law mandates the inclusion of safety systems such as garage door sensors. Sensors remain the most popular safety tool, although there are many other safety mechanisms available in the market. 

Garage door sensors must be installed at a proper height

The garage door sensor should be installed on both sides of the garage door, one on each side. The infrared beam is sent by one unit and received by the other. The receiving unit “sees” the sending unit when the two units are properly aligned and there is no blocking. The distance between the garage door sensors and the garage floor is critical. The sensors are usually placed 6 inches above the ground. If the sensors are set higher, they may not be able to detect small obstructions beneath the beam. Conversely, an adult could straddle the infrared beam without breaking it if you fix the sensors at a lower height.

Sunlight can compromise safety sensor

As mentioned above, garage door sensors use infrared waves, similar to the infrared rays the sun emits. The sun’s infrared rays are far more powerful than the infrared beam coming from the garage door sensors’ transmitting unit. If sunlight shines directly on the receiving sensor, the sensor may mistake it for the transmitted beam and stop working. You can shield the receiving sensor’s lens from the sun with a safety sensor sun blocker kit. 

Garage door sensors are not universal

Some sensors are advertised as universal, claiming they will work with garage door openers of different brands. A useful rule of thumb is to purchase sensors with the same brand as your opener. Most often, only garage door openers from the same brand can communicate with safety sensors. In addition, some garage door opener manufacturers produce special safety sensors with capabilities that are only compatible with their products.

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