Each type of spring works differently and thus offers distinct benefits. Commercial and industrial torsion springs are versatile components used in various applications. For example, you can use them to get the most out of your commercial garage door. Unfortunately, many people do not know about these springs even though they are incredibly useful. So we created this guide to commercial and industrial torsion springs to set the record straight.

Guide to Commercial and Industrial Torsion Springs

What Are Commercial and Industrial Torsion Springs?

As their name suggests, commercial and industrial torsion springs are used in various settings where large overhead doors are needed. These may include warehouses and loading docks. Because these springs have a wide range of applications, they come in a wide range of sizes and lifting capacities. They are typically very large in diameter and must be installed carefully to work properly. Ask our expert team for reliable and professional garage door spring replacement.

An industrial torsion spring on a commercial garage door

Torsion springs are commonly used on commercial and industrial doors. These springs help evenly distribute the door’s weight, so it opens and closes smoothly. Commercial and industrial torsion springs usually mount to spring anchor brackets. For example, the split shaft with a coupler requires two spring anchor brackets, while other doors use two brackets without a split shaft. Usually, multiple springs are needed when the door is very wide, as each spring anchor bracket can only hold so much weight. 

Types of Industrial Torsion Springs

There are two main types of commercial garage door springs – square wire torsion springs and galvanized wire torsion springs. Both have advantages, so it depends on your specific needs as to which one is better for you. These systems are commonly used in commercial and industrial settings to improve performance and use space better.

Square Wire Torsion Springs

When space is limited, or you need to store and release energy in a smaller area, consider using a torsion spring made of square wire. These springs are appropriate for many rolling steel doors and can be a great alternative to duplex springs or multiple shaft setups.

Galvanized Wire Torsion Springs

These springs are durable, heavy-duty solutions for extreme weather and corrosive environments. Galvanized finishes often used on commercial garage doors provide long-lasting protection against the elements. Made with a zinc coating, galvanized springs are built to last in even the most challenging conditions. 

High-Lift vs. Vertical-Lift Doors

Industrial doors come in various lifts, each with benefits and drawbacks.

Industrial Torsion Springs Used in High-Lift Doors

High-lift doors are a common choice for many businesses as they allow maximum space utilization. They save space by raising the door closer to the ceiling before rolling back on horizontal tracks. These doors have a special drum that wraps the cable around several times to increase the moment arm as the door opens vertically. Once the door rolls back on the horizontal track, the cable reaches the flat portion of the drum and behaves like a standard lift door.

Vertical-Lift Doors

Contrary to high-lift doors, vertical-lift doors open straight up and do not roll back. These doors help make the most of the space in taller buildings, particularly warehouses where forklifts handle heavy loads of goods.

A commercial garage door with industrial torsion springs

The Cost of Replacing Torsion Springs

Knowing the cost of a garage door spring replacement helps you compare the prices of different companies. You can easily find the average cost of this repair service and what parts you need to replace online. Another option is to call a trusted local garage door repair company. They can help you find the most cost-effective solution for your business needs.

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