Most homeowners tend to replace a garage door opener when they become damaged beyond repair. And while they do not mind manually opening and closing their garage door for a few days awaiting repair, it can be tedious and annoying. Furthermore, a faulty opener might leave a house vulnerable to break-ins. 

Is there a secret formula when it comes to the time to replace your opener? The answer is no, yet there are several benefits to replacing an opener before it wears out. We have compiled a list of lesser-known factors that might convince you to opt for a garage door opener replacement sooner than you want.

The age of the garage door opener

An opener’s average lifespan is between 10 and 15 years. Some brands are designed to last longer, while others have a shorter lifespan. While most homeowners will have their unit for more than a decade, others may need replacement every few years. Several variables play a role in its performance. These include the frequency of usage, how often the opener is maintained, and the amount of stress it is subjected. No matter how well you think your opener is performing, you should consider retiring when it approaches its 20th year.

The quality of the opener

The quality of your garage door opener has a significant impact on its longevity. High-end models can last up to two times longer than low-end models based on lifespan alone. Openers of higher quality are more durable, dependable, and have superior features that will last longer than lower quality ones. Do you have an opener of a low-end model built with weaker materials and components? Then you may want to consider replacing it with a mid-range or high-end model.

The level of security the garage door opener provides

The garage door opener, while not usually considered as such, is an essential aspect of a home’s security. But for older garage door systems with outdated openers, these devices can be a weakness that criminals can exploit. Why? Because openers from 2001 and earlier are highly susceptible to break-ins. These openers were designed without the user in mind and have security weaknesses that make securing the garage ineffective. Replace your opener on a regular basis with one that combines the most up-to-date security technologies. It is a guaranteed way to keep your garage and house safe.

The level of convenience the opener offers

The rapid advancement in smart garage door opener technology has improved their capabilities, making life much easier for homeowners. Modern openers are compatible with the latest innovative home technologies and can open the door with a single button press. In addition, they come with WiFi and mobile phone connectivity. These features allow you to lock or unlock your garage door from afar or receive notifications that it is open. Upgrading to a newer model will bring you the ultimate convenience.

Garage Door Opener Installation Near Me

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