Choosing the right fire-rated commercial garage door for your facility is essential. Fire, whether by accident or not, is a significant threat to any commercial space. Thus, having a fire suppression system is essential for any business owner, especially those with a commercial garage. To get the most out of your fire-rated doors, ensure you get the proper one for your business. In this blog, we will take a deeper look at how valuable a fire-rated commercial garage door is. By the end of it, you can hopefully decide whether or not you need them for your business.

Benefits of Fire-Rated Commercial Garage Door

A Commercial Garage Door With a Fire Rating Is Designed to Last

Fire-rated garage doors are made of heavy-duty, fire-resistant materials such as galvanized or stainless steel. Such materials can withstand high temperatures and prevent fires from spreading. Most fire doors can resist 20 to 90 minutes of average fire conditions. These make them a crucial component of a property’s passive fire protection system. Fire-rated doors, duct dampers, fire-resistant flooring, and wall materials compartmentalize a structure and improve the chances of fire containment. In addition, their airtight seal feature can help control the indoor environment while also saving money on energy.

Built to Provide Protection and Safety

Commercial fire doors keep your building safe in the event of a fire. A fire-rated commercial garage door provides an extra layer of protection during a fire. It limits the spread of fire and smoke while employees and customers exit the premises. Having a fire-rated door installed gives them ample time to leave. That reduces the risk of injuries and fatalities by reducing the overall ignition intensity and progression rate. Moreover, contained smoke and flames in certain areas of a building mean emergency responders will have more time to extinguish the fire before it spreads out. That also minimizes extensive damage to properties and other assets.  

A Fire-Rated Commercial Garage Door Is Cost-Efficient

Shopping malls, commercial buildings, schools, hotels, and hospitals all benefit from fire-rated commercial garage doors. Fire-rated doors are proven to restrict the amount of damage to such structures by stopping the spread of flames and smoke. They help reduce the expenses and required downtime to rebuild and restore the damages after a fire. Yes, it will incur additional costs, and it may be relatively more expensive than conventional doors. However, you are already paying for it if you choose to install one. Considering all its benefits, assessing the cost will be the last thing on your mind.

Provides Enhanced Security

Fire-rated doors are more robust and thicker than conventional commercial doors. Therefore, they are more resistant to break-ins, corrosion, and other environmental exposure. This added feature means that these types of doors can also secure your business from burglars and other potential hazards.

Choose the Right Fire-Rated Commercial Garage Door for Your Business

Remember that even high-quality fire-rated doors can only provide effective and reliable fire and smoke protection if properly installed. Professional installation guarantees no gaps around the door and that the closing mechanism is fully functional. The door leaf, frame, and associated hardware, such as handles, locks, viewing panels, and air grills, make up a fire-rated door set. All of these components are extensively tested according to national standards to attain their fire rating. 

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