Stuck garage doors can seem like a big problem. It may appear like you will never have to work on your overhead garage door when you initially install it. But the truth is, even the most dependable garage doors will run into some problems at some point. One of these issues is a sticking door. This article will discuss the potential reasons behind a stuck garage door and what to do when you spot them.

Reasons Behind a Stuck Garage Door

Reason #1: Bad weather

It is pretty common for garage doors to become stuck during the winter months. Ice and snow buildup can freeze the garage door spring. That creates pressure that makes it hard for the garage door opener to open the door. Even if there is no ice on the spring, the cold temperature could still damage the spring and necessitate replacement.  

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What to do: Check that your springs are in good condition. Clear the spring of any ice or snow buildup and apply heat to the springs. You can do so by blowing it with warm air from a heat gun or hair dryer. 

Reason #2: Jammed pulley or damaged springs

If the garage door spring or pulley is broken, your door will not work. And if it happens while the door is opening or closing, you could have a stuck door. Does your garage door refuse to open or do you notice it pausing in certain areas? Chances are the spring is not working correctly or is broken.

What to do: Look up your garage door and make sure the spring is not broken. Then, with the door down, disengage the emergency release cord and manually lift the door. It should feel really light. Garage door springs are dangerous to work around for non-experts. Therefore, you should call a specialist straight away if you suspect a damaged spring.

Reason #3: Bad rollers or obstructed garage door track

If the garage door rollers are not rolling well, the door will not function properly. Cracks, rust, or missing parts in the sections of the garage door track can create obstructions. These, in turn, will cause the rollers to stick along their path.

What to do: If you have plastic rollers, replace them with a better performing type like nylon with no ball bearings. Examine the track to check if anything is preventing or impeding it. As a safety precaution, turn off the garage door opener before attempting to remove any debris from the track.

Reason #4: Off-track door

Improper adjustments and damage are common reasons why the track becomes misaligned. If the garage door sticks while rolling up or down, maybe the tracks are not level or properly adjusted. In some cases, garage door rollers can jump off a track and cause the door to stop moving.

What to do: Do not force your garage door back into place. That would only risk damaging the door and injuring yourself. Instead, you should approach this problem professionally. That is important especially if the door is off the track because something has damaged the panels.

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