When choosing the right wood for your custom garage doors, it can feel like trying to pick the perfect outfit for a special occasion. Of course, you want something that looks great, lasts a long time, and suits your style. However, with so many wood options out there, it can be a bit confusing to make a choice. Relax and do not worry. Our garage door experts are here to lend you a hand. 

In this blog, we will break down what you need to consider when opting for wood materials for your garage doors. Whether you want a warm, traditional look or a sleek, modern one, knowing the features of wood can be of great use. So get ready to explore the world of woods and find the perfect one for your custom garage doors.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Wood

Wood is a great material for garage doors because it is natural and flexible, offering many possibilities. But not all types of wood are good in all weather or with all styles. When opting out for wood for custom garage doors, here are some important things to keep in mind:

Type of Wood

Different types of wood range in how strong, long-lasting, and nice they look:

  1. Hardwoods: Oak, mahogany, and walnut are woods that do not easily break or wear down. This resiliency makes them good choices for garage doors that are open to extreme temperatures.
  2. Softwoods: Cedar and oak are usually easier to work with because they are lighter. They are great for places with a lot of humidity or bug problems because they naturally do not rot or attract pests.
Wood Grain and Color

Note that the wood’s color and grain pattern can affect the look of your custom garage doors. For instance, wood that has an even grain looks smooth and neat. Meanwhile, different grain patterns make the wood look more rustic and old. Also, the natural color of the wood can make your house look more appealing. Before you decide to stain or paint the wood, consider if you prefer its natural color or if you would like to change it.

A custom garage door with decorative hardware

Durability and Maintenance

Wood for garage doors must be durable to withstand weather and outdoor elements. Certain woods resist water, rot, and pests better, needing less upkeep. The climate you live in matters, too. Woods with natural oils, like cedar, are ideal for moist areas. Your choice of wood also affects maintenance needs, like periodic painting or sealing.

How Well Wood Insulates

Different kinds of wood keep warmth in a garage better than others. The heavier or denser the wood, the better it is at keeping the garage warm. This aspect is really important for saving energy, especially if your garage is right next to your house.

Compatibility with Finish

Some woods are better at taking on paint, stain, or sealant than others. What do you want your custom garage doors to look like in the end? Whether you want to paint it, stain it, or apply a sealant, pick a wood that works well with your chosen finish. Your choice does more than just make the door look good. It will also help protect the garage door from weather damage.

Best Wood for Custom Garage Doors

Choosing the right wood for custom garage doors is very important. It affects how the doors look and how well they work. Here is an in-depth look at each type of wood garage door options:

Cedar Garage Doors

Cedar garage doors are an excellent choice because they last a long time and look beautiful. Unlike other materials, cedar does not easily rot or get ruined by the weather. It also keeps bugs like termites away, so your door stays in good shape. Plus, you can stain cedar wood to match your home, making it easy to get the look you want. If you want a strong, beautiful wood garage door, cedar is the way to go.

A home with cedar garage doors

Douglas Fir Garage Doors

Fir is another great choice for garage doors because it is strong yet lightweight. This type of wood is not only tough but also looks good. Douglas fir, in particular, has a lovely color that gets even better with age. The heartwood turns a warm tan-red while the edges stay a light tan. If you wish to paint your garage door, it will not be a problem with fir wood. Just remember, if you choose a light paint color, the natural pinkish color of this lumber might shine through. Hence, it will give your garage door a unique and stylish look.

MDO Garage Doors

An affordable option for those on a budget but still want quality is MDO (medium-density overlay) wood. With a smooth surface that is easy to paint, this wood, often made from a strong, durable material, is your best bet. Plus, they resist rot and insects, which is great for places where these issues are common. If you need a good, cost-effective garage door, an MDO garage door could be just what you are looking for.

Redwood Garage Doors

Redwood is a popular choice for garage doors because of its beauty and durability. Like cedar wood, redwood turns a silver-gray color when it is outside in the weather and sunlight. If it is always wet, it might even turn black. Be sure to stain it right after installation to keep its original red color. After that, you can retouch it every three to four years. With the right care, redwood garage doors can last a long time, making your house look great and increasing its value.

Mahogany Garage Doors

There are a lot of good reasons to pick mahogany wood for your garage door. It is easy to work with because it stands and shapes well, having just the right amount of density. It also stays upright and does not warp, even when the humidity changes with the seasons. Also, mahogany is good at resisting rot. Given all these benefits, it is no surprise that many homeowners prefer mahogany garage doors for their homes.

Prior to making your final decision, be sure about what you want for your custom garage doors. You can cut costs on the wood you use for your garage door if you plan to paint it. After all, the paint will conceal the cheaper wood beneath. Still, if you want to flaunt how beautiful the wood is, it is better to spend a little more on quality wood. Remember, whatever type of wood you choose, it is always best to seek advice from a garage door expert.

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