One of the parts of a garage door system that homeowners tend to neglect is the garage door tracks. It is stressful and inconvenient to your daily routine when your overhead garage door no longer opens or closes properly. If you are on a tight schedule, you want to save time dealing with a malfunctioning garage door. Staying on top of garage door repairs is a proactive way of keeping it in good operating order. Taking the time to maintain and care for its components can save you time, money, and effort.

Is your garage door moving slower than before, or has it even become stuck sometimes? One of the reasons could be tracks that have broken or are faulty. That can cause the previously seamless movement of the door panels to become a screeching, moaning, straining mess. In addition, a deteriorating, damaged, or broken track might cause more serious problems for the doors and their components. 

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How to tell if your garage door tracks need repair

Your door track is heavily rusted

Rusty tracks not only make it harder for the garage door to open and close. It also makes your garage door noisier to operate. Rust is also a hazard since it accelerates wear and tear and raises the likelihood of more garage door issues. The part of the track that meets the concrete garage floor tends to rust heavily. It can especially happen if you reside in a region where rain or snow is common. If you live near the sea, expect your garage door tracks to rust sooner. That is because salt is one of the primary causes of corrosion on garage doors. Rust is not always visible and may be “hiding” on parts that are difficult or dangerous to inspect. Therefore, inspecting your tracks every few months and learning some rust prevention measures is best.

There are visible damage on the door track

Your garage door tracks are made up of vertical, horizontal, and curved tracks. With everyday use, these tracks are subject to much movement and hundreds of pounds of garage door weight. Because they are used regularly, the tracks are certain to wear out or even break down at some point. Bent tracks can be repaired or replaced, depending on the damage extent. In most cases, you can repair slightly bent or damaged tracks by carefully hammering them back to their proper shape. However, if the tracks have excessively twisted, bent, or cracked, you must replace them. It is best to have a garage door repair specialist replace the tracks if you find they need replacement.

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Your garage door is uneven or sagging

Unbalanced garage doors are not uncommon. Unfortunately, one of the culprits behind uneven or sagging doors is the garage door tracks. Does your garage door appear to be skewed as it opens and closes? If yes, it could be slightly off the rails because of bent, misaligned, or damaged tracks. These track issues can stem from inadequate lubrication of the rollers, a broken drum connection, or a broken cable. In addition, metal fatigue, a decayed jamb, or footings can cause garage door track problems. You can sometimes fix damaged tracks by simply lubricating them. But more often than not, you must replace them.

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