When you live in an area where hurricanes often happen, keeping your property safe from the damage they can cause is important. Many houses have a weak point: the garage door. Wind pressure, falling items, and structural failure during storms can damage it. With the most advanced technology nowadays, homeowners use hurricane-rated garage doors to lower these risks. This blog post will explain how these special doors protect your home from bad weather. With our experts’ guide, we will uncover the mystery behind these powerful doors and discover why they are essential for protection. 

What Are Hurricane-Rated Garage Doors?

These doors are made from vertical reinforcing posts, fasteners, wind lock guides, and other heavy-duty parts to withstand strong winds. A hurricane garage door can take a lot of force and is made to stand up to the high winds that come with hurricanes and storms. Some hurricane-proof garage doors, for example, can stand up to winds that go up to 200 miles per hour. Can you even imagine how much damage a 200-mile-per-hour wind can do?

The most important thing to prepare for a hurricane is to put in a reinforced garage door. Suppose you live in a place where tropical storms and hurricanes are common. You should get a strong garage door because it helps keep your house safe and on the ground. It will protect you and your family from the worst weather conditions. Also, if you have hurricane doors, you can add impact-rated windows. It is great for keeping out debris the wind may carry. People who have hurricane-resistant doors can speak to their many benefits. Yet, how do you find the best hurricane garage doors?

A hurricane-rated garage door with reinforcement brackets

Key Features and Components of Hurricane-Rated Garage Doors

Here are the crucial elements to help you find the best hurricane garage doors and why you need them. 

Reinforced Frames

Wind-rated garage doors come with sturdy frames made of steel, metal, or reinforced wood. These frames are made to keep their shape and not bend or twist when faced with strong winds.

Impact-Resistant Panels

The door panels of hurricane-rated garage doors use impact-resistant materials, such as fused glass or high-strength polycarbonate. These panels can handle the force of wind-borne debris, like tree branches or flying objects. So when a storm hits, you can rest easy knowing your garage door stands ready for the beating.

Stronger Weather Stripping and Sealing

Sealing and weatherstripping are better on hurricane-rated garage doors to prevent water and rain from being blown in by the wind. Around the door are special weather strippings to make a tight seal against water, air, and debris.

Reinforced Hardware 

The hinges, tracks, and rollers on hurricane-rated garage doors are made to handle higher wind forces. So even when the door suffer too much force, reinforced metal helps keep it stable and working.

A hurricane-rated garage door with reinforcement brackets

Wind Load Reinforcements 

These doors have extra supports to help spread wind loads and keep the strong winds from blowing in or sucking out the door. There can be vertical struts, horizontal braces, or even built-in support systems that make the door stronger.

Hurricane-Rated Garage Doors Promote Safety

Getting a hurricane-rated garage door is a smart way to protect your home and family. It protects your home from damage by hurricanes and other strong storms. With its reinforced frames, panels that can take a hit, and other special features, this door adds an extra layer of safety. It can greatly lower the chance of property loss and make things safer if you live in an area at risk for storms. If you want to strengthen your home against bad weather, invest in the best hurricane-rated garage doors for peace of mind.

Garage Door Installation Near Me

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