Have you ever sighed when you heard your garage door thump as you opened it? If so, chances are that your garage door is misaligned or out-of-track. Dealing with misaligned garage doors is something people want to avoid. Why? Because you know that if your garage door is misaligned, it can cause many problems. That includes safety risks and problems with how it works. However, you can keep your garage door working well by knowing what causes it to get out of line and taking steps to stop it. 

In this post, we will discuss why garage doors get misaligned and what you can do to stop it. Learning about these things can save you time, money, and some stress in the long run.

Causes of Misaligned Garage Doors

Normal Wear and Tear

Slowly, the parts of your garage door system can wear down from normal use. Normal wear and tear can cause misalignment in hinges, rollers, tracks, and cables. It may cause parts to become out of place, which makes the door harder to open and close.

A house with misaligned garage doors

Accidental Damage

Accidents happen all the time. When it does, it can throw off the alignment of your garage door. For instance, hitting the door with a car or accidentally hitting it with a big object can cause the garage door to get out of alignment. Also, strong winds or hail storms can damage the door and throw it out of alignment.

The Result of Negligence

Keeping your garage door in good shape requires regular maintenance. Misalignment can happen when regular maintenance tasks are not done. Take the time to regularly grease moving parts, secure hardware, and check the door’s balance. With routine upkeep, you will help maintain its condition and spot smaller problems before they worsen. 

Misaligned Garage Doors: How to Prevent Them

Below are some helpful tips for ensuring smooth garage door operation and preventing mishaps that come from misalignment.

Exercise caution in the garage.

Accidents can happen, so do not damage any part of a garage door by accident. Be careful when driving or moving your car in the garage, and make sure there is enough room and clearance. Also, do not hang any heavy items on the door or put them too close to it.

Clean and lubricate your garage door.

It is important to apply lubrication to the moving parts of your garage door. Lubricating springs, rollers, and tracks regularly will reduce friction and wear. Also, keep the tracks clean and free of dirt and other debris. The buildup of these things can make it hard for the rollers to move smoothly and lead to misalignment.

Check the balance and alignment.

It is important to inspect your garage door on a regular basis to ensure proper balance and alignment. To do this, shut the door and see if it sits evenly on both sides. You should immediately see a professional if you see any unbalance or misalignment.

Seek professional inspection and maintenance.

Regularly get an expert to check and take care of your garage door. Experienced techs can spot the first signs of misalignment and fix them in no time. They can also adjust, lubricate, and fix your garage door to ensure it works easily and stays in the right place.

A technician testing a garage door for misalignment


Inconvenience, safety risks, and expensive fixes can all result from a misaligned garage door. By knowing what causes it and taking steps to avoid it, you can keep your garage door balanced and working smoothly. It is important to do regular maintenance, handle it carefully, lubricate it, and check it occasionally. It will keep your garage door from getting out of alignment and ensure it works and stays safe for a long time.

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