Are you thinking about installing a new garage door but not sure where to start or what to watch out for? Choosing a new garage door is more than just picking a pretty design. It is also about making the right choices that fit your home and meet your needs. This guide will show you the do’s and don’ts of new door installation so you can make smart choices at every step of the way. Read on to save yourself from headaches, wasted time, and extra costs.

What to Do: Best Practices for a New Door Installation

Measure Your Garage Door Space Accurately

One of the first and most important steps in a new door installation is measuring the space. You need to measure the garage width, height, headroom above the door, and side room, too. These measurements are crucial for choosing the right garage door size and making sure there is enough space for the entire system.

Choose the Right Material and Insulation

Garage doors come in wood, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. For example, wood garage doors need more maintenance. On the other hand, insulated garage doors save energy and money on utility bills.

Prioritize Your Safety

New door installation requires lifting heavy panels and dealing with garage door springs that are under a lot of tension. It can be dangerous, and safety must always come first. Before you start, protect yourself by putting on gloves and safety glasses. Always make sure there are no kids, pets, or other things in the way.

Know How Important a Good Foundation Is

Garage door tracks, springs, and openers must be sturdy and reliable. To ensure the foundation can handle the garage door, you need to know the weight and size of your garage door. If you do not pay attention to these things, it could cause damage or even an accident.

Follow the manual for a new door installation

Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Every garage door and opener system comes with a manufacturer’s manual. It tells you exactly how to install each part. Pay close attention to the steps involving the adjustment of springs, cables, and openers. If you stick to these instructions, you will have a garage door that works as intended.

Installing a Garage Door Yourself or by a Professional

Choosing to install a garage door by yourself or getting a pro depends on many factors. Consider how good you are at such tasks, your experience, and how complicated the job is. Even though DIY can save you money, it might not be the best idea for those without the skills and right tools. On the other hand, hiring experts costs more but means the installation job will be right and safe.

If you decide to go with a professional, choose a garage door company that is well-rated. Research their credentials and verify if they know how to work with the garage door you have.

Find Out About Building Codes and Zoning Laws

Always check your local building and zoning rules before installing a garage door. There may be specific rules about how to install the door, what materials to use, or how the door should look in certain regions. These rules will help you avoid legal problems and the need for expensive replacements in the future.

Test the Door Mechanism Thoroughly

It is important to test the door’s mechanism carefully after installation to make sure everything works smoothly and safely. Check the garage door balance to see if it opens and closes properly. The tracks should be straight, and the door should be able to move with ease and with no issues.

What Not to Do: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Do Not Skimp on Quality

Choosing cheaper, lower-quality garage doors or parts is one of the most tempting things to do, but it could cost you a lot. While it is normal to look for ways to cut costs, skimping on quality can lead to several issues down the line. You might have to deal with a door that needs frequent repairs, a shorter lifespan, and poorer security and insulation. If you want a garage door that lasts, find and buy one with parts from a reputable garage door company.

A garage door with premium quality parts

Avoid Rushing the Installation Project

New door installation is a complicated process that needs patience and precision. There is a greater chance of making mistakes when you are rushing through the process. It will affect how well and safely the door works. So, if this task seems too difficult, consider hiring professionals who know how to do the work quickly and efficiently.

Do Not Ignore the Importance of Proper Alignment

A correct installation entails a properly aligned garage door, which is crucial for the door’s seamless operation. Any minor misalignment could put extra stress on some parts. That causes them to wear out faster, and eventually, the garage door will stop working properly.

Avoid DIY if Unprepared

A DIY project can be fun, but a new door installation without the right know-how, skills, or tools can end badly. The installation includes complicated mechanisms, heavy materials, and sometimes electrical wiring. If not fully ready, you could hurt yourself, damage your home, or end up with a door that breaks down too soon. If you are not sure you can do the job safely and well, it is smarter to hire garage door experts.

Do Not Neglect Post-installation Maintenance

Lastly, a mistake that many homeowners make is not doing any maintenance on their garage door after they have it installed. With regular upkeep, you can keep your garage door working efficiently and extend its life. This step means putting lubricant on moving parts, looking for damage, making sure the door is well-balanced, and fixing any problems right away. Not taking care of your garage door can cause it to break down unexpectedly, cause safety issues, and need expensive repairs.

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