Titan Garage Doors NE recently fixed a commercial garage door of a warehouse in Council Bluffs, IA. The workers reported that a roll-up garage door was malfunctioning because of the broken hand chain. That slowed down the mobility, which affected the entire operation. We checked it out and realized the door curtain had jammed towards the head stop. The curtain slats were not lined up correctly, dragging the sheets along the guide rails. This misalignment was due to the overly tightened guide strips.

With the right tools and expertise, we started to fix the issue one at a time. We adjusted the tension on both ends. Then, we reconnected the chain, adjusted its length, and lubricated all moving parts. After a couple of hours, the garage door opened and closed with ease again. The client was thankful that our quick service meant they did not have to stop their business operations for too long. Before we left, we reminded them to take good care of their garage door so this issue would not happen again.

Commercial roll-up doors are everywhere, from grocery stores to loading docks. They provide a safe and secure way to move goods in and out of buildings. Yet, sometimes these doors do not work the way they should. With this expert guide, we will help you recognize the common issues with your roller garage door. So the next time you are faced with garage door trouble, you know it is time to call in the pros.

Common Commercial Roll-up Door Issues

Commercial roll-up doors can have issues due to wear and tear, lack of upkeep, and other factors. Here are some usual problems with roll-up doors in commercial settings:

Broken or Damaged Springs

Torsion springs are often used to help roll-up doors open and close. These springs hold up the door and are under much pressure. Over time, they can wear out, get broken, or even break. When the springs stop working, the door may become heavy and hard to open.

Misaligned Tracks 

Roll-up doors move along tracks that help them move. The door might not open or close easily if the tracks get bent or out of place. Misaligned tracks can make the door stick or move awkwardly, which can cause more damage if it is not fixed quickly.

Motor or Opener Problems

Commercial roll-up doors with powered openers can have problems with their motors or openers. It can happen if there is a problem with the cables, the motor, or the control unit. If the motor or opener is not working right, the door may not open or close or move in strange ways.

Electrical Problems 

A commercial roll-up door might not work with an electrical issue, like a tripped circuit breaker, bad wiring, or broken safety sensors. These issues may stop the door from working properly or cause it to stop during operation.

Damaged Panels or Sections 

Door panels can get broken, dented, or bent if something bumps into them or they are not taken care of properly or over time. That can make the door not work correctly, making it less secure, keeping out drafts, and not looking as nice as it should.


If you have problems with a commercial roll-up door, it is best to talk to a professional who knows how to fix them. They can easily spot the issue and make the necessary fixes or replacements to restore the door to working and safe for use. Regular maintenance and inspections can help avoid these problems and extend the life of your roller garage door.

Is your commercial roll-up garage door giving you trouble? Call Titan Garage Doors NE to fix it quickly and reliably, and you can do your business as usual. You can get back to business in no time with our high-end tools and skilled technicians. Titan Garage Doors NE offers a wide range of services, including top-notch commercial garage door repair, installation, and upkeep. Give us a call today to learn more and get free estimates.