Titan Garage Doors NE just completed a garage door installation project in Gretna, NE. The client called after the garage door crashed, trapping their car inside. The force of the impact left the door beyond repair. Our team stepped in to help and carefully installed a new garage door to fix up the homeowner’s property.

Upon arrival, it looked like the garage door had crashed due to multiple failures in the door mechanism, including broken cables and worn-out springs. These issues caused the top section of the garage door to bend and detach from the track system. With the spring’s poor condition, it was unable to hold the door’s weight, leading to its collapse.

Scope of Garage Door Installation Project

To address this, our team began a new garage door installation to restore the client’s property to its original state.

Choosing the Best Garage Door Replacement

The client chose a premium Clopay garage door, which is known for its exceptional craftsmanship and toughness. They chose insulated steel garage doors because they offer several benefits. It includes enhanced energy efficiency, reduced noise levels, and increased security. This choice guaranteed a solution that would last and work well, meeting all the homeowner’s needs.

Installing the New Garage Door

With the old, damaged door removed and the site prepped, our garage door installers got to work. They handled the garage door installation with precision and care. With safety in mind, we made sure to complete every step to the highest standards. Safety was a top priority, and the team followed strict protocols to keep everyone safe during the installation.

Garage Door Testing and Final Touches

Once the new garage door was in place, Titan Garage Doors NE did not just pack up and leave. We conducted thorough tests to make sure everything was working perfectly. The door opened and closed smoothly, and all the mechanisms were in top shape. The team also spent time with the homeowners, explaining the features of their new door and sharing maintenance tips to keep it looking and functioning great for years to come.

Quality Garage Door Installation Means Client Satisfaction

This garage door installation in Gretna, NE, showcases Titan Garage Doors NE’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The new Clopay insulated steel garage door not only fixed the immediate problem but also added value and curb appeal to the home. As a result, the homeowners were beyond thrilled with their new door and the exceptional service they received.

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