Titan Garage Doors NE recently completed a long overdue garage door installation project in Papillion, Nebraska. The homeowner was fed up with the issues plaguing their old garage door. It not only appeared on the verge of collapse but also posed a major security risk, making it easy for burglars to get in. The client opted for a stronger steel garage door because they wanted more security and a better look. They eagerly waited for the garage door installation for two weeks, looking forward to a safer and more attractive garage.

Scope of the Garage Door Installation

Here is an overview of how we managed to pull off this installation without a hitch:

Initial Inspection

When we checked, it showed how old the garage door was, which was in poor condition. It was a corrugated metal door that appeared rusty and damaged, posing a security risk and an eyesore.

After learning about their needs, we suggested a steel garage door because it would last longer and be more secure. The homeowner liked the idea and agreed that a steel door would give them the security they needed.


Our team first removed the old, worn-out garage door, carefully detaching it from the frame. We inspected the framework to ensure it was ready for the new door, making the necessary replacements and changes for a secure fit.

Installation of the New Garage Door

After that, we installed the new steel garage door, ensuring each panel was in perfect position, aligned and secured. The sections made up of solid, white steel raised panels gave it a clean, modern look. The team installed the garage door tracks, placed the new panels, and set up the single spring system. Then, we installed the opener, followed by the precise adjustments to the travel and limit settings. The new door not only makes the home look better from the street, but it also makes it safer and easier to use.


After the Installation, we ran several tests to ensure smooth operation and security. Our team made final adjustments to see if the door functioned flawlessly, with no glitches.

To make sure the door met our high quality and dependability standards, it had to go through this tough testing phase. Our main goal was to make sure the homeowner was safe and satisfied.

Client Feedback

The client loved the new garage door. They felt much safer and were proud of how nice the house looked from the street. Overall, they thanked us for our quick and efficient professional installation service.

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So, make sure your home is secure by updating your garage door. Contact us today and experience the perks of having a secure, stylish, and smoothly operating new garage door.