This homeowner in Carter Lake, IA, heard a loud bang in the garage, followed by metal scraping against metal. As they inspected the garage door, they saw that one of the torsion springs had snapped. Without a second thought, they called us at Titan Garage Doors NE for a garage door spring replacement. Our technician showed up in the next couple of hours. After getting the correct part replacement, we prepped the door for repair. We replaced both springs with high-grade torsion ones to ensure their garage door’s safety and reliability. After the garage door spring replacement, the garage door worked like new again. The client thanked our team for our quick response and hard work. 

Springs are an important part of the garage door, helping it open and close properly. If they get too worn or stretched, you will notice signs like difficulty opening or closing the door, the bottom of the door getting closer to the ground, or the door making strange sounds. These symptoms must be addressed by a professional before the spring completely breaks. Here is how to tell if your garage door springs are deteriorating and need replacement.

Signs That Can Indicate a Weakened Garage Door Spring

If your garage door is not working as it should, it might be time to replace the torsion springs. Look for these five telltale signs indicating it is time for a replacement.

Difficulty in Opening and Closing

Is your garage door giving you trouble? It could indicate that the torsion springs are worn out if it is hard to open or close. Do not ignore this issue. If not replaced, it can put added strain on your garage door opener and can even cause more damage.

Uneven Movement

Your garage door may not work properly if its torsion springs are worn out. One side of the door could be higher or lower than the other, making it move wobbly and resulting in bigger problems. Watch out for the door’s jerky movements, and replace the springs immediately to keep your door in good condition.

Squeaking or Straining Sounds

When the garage door spring weakens, it may produce more noise than usual during operation. You might hear creaking, grinding, or popping sounds as the weakened spring struggles to support the door’s weight.

Visible Damage

Make sure to check your garage door springs regularly. If the springs look cracked, rusty, or have gaps, it only means they have been used too much and are ready to break. Doing it right away is important, as broken springs can be dangerous.

Springs Have Been in Use for a Long Time

Torsion springs do not last forever—usually around 7 to 10 years. If it has been ages since you have changed them out, or if they have gotten close to their decade mark, you should get them checked and replaced. Doing so can help avoid problems in the future, keeping your garage door running at its peak.

It is important to remember that garage door springs are under high tension. Therefore, they can be dangerous to work on or handle without the right tools and knowledge. If you think a spring is broken or weakened, call a professional garage door technician. They can correctly assess the situation and make any necessary repairs or replacements.

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