Many people need to give more importance to garage door tune-up. It is common for homeowners to believe that their garage door does not need to be checked out because it is operating perfectly well. Unfortunately, while it may seem to be working fine outside, you do not know that the components inside are probably rusted and worn. That might result in your garage door malfunctioning one day, leading to another problem. Furthermore, a garage door not tuned properly can lead to dangerous situations.

What Is a Garage Door Tune-Up?

It is important to keep your garage door in top condition by regularly tuning it up and inspecting it. We at Titan Garage Doors NE perform the following procedures as part of our tune-up and inspection service:

  • Check the cables and springs to make sure they are functioning properly
  • Make sure all hardware components are tightened to ensure the smooth operation of the door
  • Inspect the hinges and tracks for signs of wear or obstruction
  • Ensure that the sensors and gears are in good condition
  • Lubricate the moving parts regularly to prevent stripping and grinding
  • Ensure that the weather seals and insulation are intact
  • Remove debris and obstructions from the sensors
A technician installing a new garage door

Reasons Why You Should Not Neglect Your Garage Door Tune-up

Garage door tune-up saves you money on expensive repairs

As a homeowner, you must realize how important it is to regularly tune up your garage door. By being proactive and carrying out preventive maintenance, you can keep your garage door operating smoothly for years to come. Regular tune-ups enable you to spot possible concerns early and treat them before they escalate into more serious problems. 

Replacing a worn component right away is significantly less expensive than waiting to replace the entire garage door. You can avoid the expense and hassle of replacing the entire door by performing a tune-up or replacing sections as needed. As a result, your door functions well and saves you money in the long run.

Increases door’s lifespan

Your garage door will last longer if you periodically maintain it. The sections of the door may start to bend or warp over time, especially in areas with more pressure. These areas can become weaker over time and require either expensive repairs or an entirely new door. Ultimately, a tune-up protects your investment.

It is essential to keep your garage door in top shape. It will make the door last longer and guarantee that it functions well when needed. Just as you service your car regularly to keep the engine running optimally, you need to do the same with your garage door. Taking the time to look after your garage door and regularly carry out regular tune-ups will protect your investment in the long run. Plus, you can be confident that your garage door opener will work smoothly and efficiently when needed.

Meets the garage door safety requirements

A garage door opener is not just an easy way to open your door. It is, in many cases, the only way you can open your door once it is installed. As such, regular tune-ups are crucial to keeping it functional and safe. The state and local municipalities may have certain safety requirements implemented to require these tune-ups. Further, you may need to meet certain requirements to sell your home, including proof of regular maintenance.

What Does A Garage Door Tune-Up Include?

Knowing what you are getting into before scheduling a garage door tune-up is important. Of course, every project is different, but the process usually involves a thorough inspection followed by repairs or replacements as needed. The results of the initial inspection may require additional work.

A door that receives regular garage door tune-up

The first step in a garage door inspection is to check for any loose parts. The inspector will then look at the rollers for signs of damage or wear and tear. Over time, rollers can become cracked or chipped, which can make them unsafe. Finally, the inspector will check all the cables, springs, and other components to ensure they are working properly and sufficiently lubricated.

Final Thoughts

There are many benefits to having a professional garage door inspection and tune-up. However, hiring a trained professional to perform the task is best. It will ensure your safety and the longevity of your garage doors.

Garage Door Service Near Me

Make an appointment for a garage door tune-up with Titan Garage Doors NE today. We will ensure that your garage door continues to function without a hitch and that any potential problems are identified and fixed beforehand. 

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