Have you ever driven past a home with a glass garage door? Have you considered how nice it would look in your home? Maybe you have never even noticed until now, but trust us, glass garage doors make quite the impression. Glass garage doors can change the look of your home for the better in many ways. For one, they are sleek and modern looking. If you have an older home, this can be just the thing you need to give it an updated look that still fits in with the rest of your neighborhood. Here are six reasons why an aluminum full-view glass garage door can be the ideal option for you.

Reasons to Install a Glass Garage Door

Glass Garage Door Curb Appeal Is a Selling Point

When selling a home, curb appeal can often be the difference between whether the house is sold or not. Glass garage doors are an excellent way to add curb appeal to your home. They are modern and sleek, and they can make a statement. Installing a glass garage door can bring a fresh flair to a property and increase its marketability. 

Glass Garage Door Creates a Modern Look

An aluminum glass garage door is the only way to go when you have a contemporary home with large glass walls and sharp angles. This type of door offers many customization options, making finding the right match for your home’s distinct design easy.

glass garage door

Glass Garage Door Are Available in Multiple Frame Options

Aluminum frames for full-view garage doors come in more than just the standard aluminum look. Most frames can be powder coated, allowing you to match or coordinate colors and give your door a strong finish. Therefore, you will not be worried that the aluminum frame options for your full-view garage door will be limited. 

Wide Range of Panel Options

Opaque glass or transparent? As you decide what type of garage door to have, you will see plenty of options. In addition, you get to pick how light or dark your garage will be and how much natural sunlight gets transferred into it.

Another uniquely customizable option with these doors is the panel layout. Panels can be placed vertically or horizontally, making your garage door an interesting design art. Here are some of the customization options for glass garage doors:

  • Glass options include clear for maximum natural lighting, insulated for energy efficiency, and tempered for durability
  • Privacy features like frosting, tinting, or other means to let light in yet keep others from peeking inside
  • Themes and textures for window décor
  • Glass alternatives include panels made of metal or acrylic

Best Light That Comes From Nature

Countless activities take place in garages—from working out to taking on DIY projects. And while the best light to work by is typically natural light, holding the door open is not always an option. That is where a full-view aluminum glass garage door comes in handy. With customizable glass panel options, you can let in as much or as little light as you need while the door remains closed.

A house with a glass garage door

Garage Door Openers Work Easier with Lightweight Doors

Dent-resistant, full-view aluminum glass doors are a great choice for those who want to avoid damage while still maintaining style. These doors are also much lighter than their steel or wood counterparts. As a result, it makes them easier on the springs and electric motor that lift the door.

Garage Door Installation Near Me

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