Torsion springs can be dangerous and frustrating when they break. A damaged spring can send pieces flying off at tremendous speeds, resulting in severe injuries and property damage. Accidents involving garage door springs are even fatal in some cases. In addition, damaged springs can cause the garage door to crash to the floor, potentially inflicting irreversible damage to the door itself. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the signs when it is time to replace garage door torsion springs.

Torsion Springs: How to Tell if They Are Already Broken?

You Hear Strange Noises from the Garage Door Opener

A problem with the springs may exist if you hear the garage door make an unusual noise when it opens. Likewise, a loud popping noise is heard when the spring breaks while the door closes. Sometimes, one may even hear the actual spring breaking. This potentially hazardous event typically occurs when the spring has the right tension.

So when your door emits creaking, screeching, popping, and other unusual noises when opening and closing, it may be the time it needs a garage door spring replacement.

You Cannot Fully Open Your Garage Door

The torsion springs may be worn or broken if the garage door raises or lowers only halfway through. However, it is possible to resolve this issue with some troubleshooting:

First, look for dust and dirt near the photo eyes on the bottom of your door. Next, check that there is no interruption in your power supply. A broken spring might be the issue if the photo eyes and the power source are fine. A broken or split spring will not keep a door open. Try opening your door manually to see whether this is the problem. 

The Door Closes Abruptly

A broken torsion spring may cause an abruptly closing garage door. The torsion springs balance your garage door’s weight, preventing it from dropping too quickly. When there is low resistance, these torsion springs will break. Speed control is impossible without resistance. These pose a serious safety risk, especially in homes with young children or animals.

Changes in the Appearance of Your Torsion Springs

Torsion springs occasionally will split, shatter, strain, or rust. You can identify any of these issues early on with the routine examination. A broken spring can result from rust and corrosion buildup. Also, torsion springs enlarge and contract as you use them daily. The spring’s elasticity deteriorates over time, making it harder to return to its initial state. A gap between the coils indicates that the spring has broken. 

If the spring has a noticeable crack, rust, and corrosion, or if the surrounding mechanisms seem worn out, you better immediately call the garage door experts to replace the garage door springs.

The Importance of Regular Torsion Springs Upkeep

Ideally, you should check for these symptoms monthly to ensure your torsion springs are in good condition. Although many of these problems will become evident with regular use, it is still advisable to check once a month. Call a Titan Garage Doors NE specialist to replace your torsion spring if you experience any of these signs. Torsion springs can fail if you do not fix them on time. In turn, it will render your garage unable to fully open or close.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

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