Are you considering upgrading your garage door to a two-spring system? While you may not think about them often, your garage door springs are essential for your garage door to function properly. These springs make it easy for the door to move up and down. Without working springs, it would be much more difficult for the garage door opener to lift the heavy door. Any issues with the springs can cause major problems for your door. Learn more about the advantages of two-spring garage doors in this article.

The Advantages of a Two-Spring System on Your Garage Door

Dual-Spring System Offers Hardware Protection

The torsion spring coils and uncoils as the door opens and closes. This action stretches the spring horizontally along the torsion bar. The resulting tension puts pressure on the side drums and bearing plates. A two-spring system keeps the springs in opposition to each other, which stops the torsion bar from sliding sideways and relieves pressure on the drums.

A close-up look of a two-spring system

Two-Spring System and Spring Break Safety

The torsion spring system is designed to support the weight of a garage door. However, the entire weight of the door will immediately transfer to the motor if the spring breaks. As a result, it will seriously harm the opener arm or the door itself.

Installing a second spring will help prevent such a potentially dangerous situation. How? A second spring will support half the door’s weight in case the first spring should break. As a result, it will help decrease any possible hazards or harm.

Two-Spring System Extends Cycle Life

You use a spring cycle when you open or close your garage door. A spring cycle means one full opening and closing of the garage door. The typical garage door spring has a 10,000-cycle lifespan. By installing two springs, you can extend the life of the springs. In addition, a two-spring system is more cost-effective in the long run than replacing a single spring every few years.

Two-Spring System Allows For Easy Door Operation

The physics of a single spring can cause force transfer to be unequal. A spring stretches and is under much stress when the door is closed. However, when the door opens, it contracts, and the tension decreases. It can result in a jerky motion when the door rises, which makes it more likely for the door to be damaged or fall out of balance.

When you open and close your garage door, you may notice that it is much smoother with two springs. It is because two torsion springs provide more stability. In addition, two springs create better balance throughout the door’s range of motion. As a result, it can reduce the problems often experienced with single-spring doors.

A garage door with a two-spring system

Reduced Maintenance Costs With Two-Spring System

By having two springs on your garage door, you can be confident that it will be much more secure and have fewer issues than just one spring. It also reduces the money you will spend on maintenance, as there are fewer opportunities for things to go wrong. In short, two springs mean peace of mind and lasting durability.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Installing a two-spring system on your garage door can have many advantages. However, an experienced garage door specialist must install it to get optimal benefits. Titan Garage Doors NE is one of the leading garage door companies in Nebraska, and we offer high-quality services for overhead garage door installation, garage door repair, and maintenance, as well as garage door spring replacement. So, call us now for free estimates and take advantage of our expertise!

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