Almost anyone can learn how to carry out basic home maintenance and renovation tasks, thanks to the wealth of online resources. However, there are some jobs that someone without prior knowledge or experience should never attempt. Replacing an overhead garage door spring is one of these jobs. Garage door springs are under enormous tension, making them extremely dangerous to work with. For this reason, you should always leave a garage door spring replacement to a garage door professional.

The Dangers of DIY Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage Door Torsion Spring Can Cause Serious Injuries

Garage door springs come in two varieties: extension and torsion. The latter is much more common, but both types can pose serious risks if you try to repair them on your own. The torsion springs are located horizontally above your garage door. They loosen to help lift the door off the ground when it opens, and the wires attached to the bottom corners of the door wind them back up when you close it.

Torsion springs can be dangerous if damaged, as they store mechanical energy when wound up. If your torsion springs break, they can unwind and shoot in an unpredictable direction, potentially causing serious harm or even death. If your garage door springs need repair, it is best to call a garage door specialist.

garage door spring replacement

You Most Likely Do Not Have the Necessary Tools

If you plan to repair your garage door spring, you must ensure you have the right tools for the job. Unfortunately, you likely do not have everything you need, so you must purchase some specialized equipment. Remember that spending money on tools you will only use once does not make sense.

Many people try to fix their garage door using whatever available tools, but this can be dangerous. Using the wrong tools to fix your garage door can put you in danger, damage the door, and ruin your tool collection. On the other hand, it is faster and easier to hire a pro to complete the task for you rather than purchasing multiple new tools for the job.

The Garage Door Can Collapse

Your garage door weighs more than 100 pounds, and if it is made of wood, it will be heavier. A 100-pound door dropped from a height of 4 feet can cause significant damage to your car’s hood, windshield, or roof. Damage will be even more if the door is wider than the car. Repairing the door is usually less expensive than paying for auto body damage, glass replacement, and paint restoration.

Another risk associated with fixing a garage door by yourself is that you may lose your balance and fall from a ladder. This type of fall can be just as dangerous as falling from a height and can result in serious injuries. To avoid this, take extra care to ensure that you are properly balanced on your ladder, and always have a household member nearby to help if needed.

The Garage Door Repair Outcome May Not Be Reliable

If you attempt to fix your garage door, the results may not be satisfactory. Even if it appears that you have fixed the problem, there may still be underlying issues. It can cause your door to deteriorate over time, which is dangerous. Ignoring these underlying problems could lead to personal injury, costly garage door replacements, and property damage.

You Might Spend More Than You Will Be Able to Save

Although it may initially seem like a money-saving idea to repair your garage door spring, the costs of purchasing tools and replacement parts can quickly add up. Not to mention, fixing something that goes wrong during the repair process could cost even more. Therefore, it is often more economical to leave the garage door spring repairs to the pros.

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Garage Door Spring Replacement: Final Thoughts

With the necessary knowledge and equipment, garage door companies can replace torsion and extension springs safely and properly. Unfortunately, it also means that only a qualified individual can install springs with a precise amount of tension. If you lack the necessary tools, attempting to fix the problem yourself could be more difficult than expected.

Replacing a broken torsion spring is risky business. Even something as seemingly innocuous as improper winding can cause major problems. In addition, tension increases a torsion spring’s internal power, and if it fractures or comes undone, it can spin like a helicopter blade. That is why it is always best to leave the repairs to the professionals rather than attempting any repairs yourself.

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