Have you ever noticed the drum-like objects that hang on either side of your garage door? Chances are you do not give them much thought, but garage door cable drums are of paramount importance for the safety and security of your home. This article will explore what a cable drum is, the different types for various garage door lifts, and the signs that indicate it may need replacement. We will also discuss the importance of timely repairs and the benefits of hiring a professional garage door technician to handle any issues with your cable drum.

What Are Cable Drums For?

The garage door cable drum circular is a drum-like mechanism on the torsion spring shaft at the top of the garage door. The cable drum works together with the garage door cables to lift and lower the door. As the torsion spring turns, it winds the cables around the cable drum, creating tension that lifts the door. When the door closes, it releases the tension, and the cables unwind from the cable drum. The torsion spring cannot effectively lift and lower the door without the cable drum.

Drums come in a range of sizes and styles, all of depends on the door’s weight, height, and lift requirement. Each set contains two drums on the left and right-hand side of the torsion bar. Plus, they are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, making them durable and long-lasting.

A garage door's cable drum

Cable Drum Types for Different Doors

Standard Lift Cable Drums

With a standard lift, the cable drums have one raised groove that keeps your door reliably stable. You do not worry about it suddenly slipping or slamming shut. Simply enjoy the convenience of feeling secure every time you open and close your door!

Cable Drums for Vertical Lift Doors

These cable drums are an efficient and practical solution for winding cables around a vertical shaft. With tall grooves that help keep the cable organized, these drums make it easy to manage even the most complex winding tasks.

High Lift Cable Drums 

High lift cable drums make lifting and handling large and heavy garage doors as effortless as possible. With flat and raised grooves specially made to fit vertical and horizontal tracks, they can handle any job, no matter how tough. Make your life easy with these cable drums!

When to Repair or Replace Your Cable Drums

Incorrect Cable and Drum Sizes

If your garage door is heavier than usual, you need a stronger cable to support it. Taking the wrong size can place undue pressure on the cables, leading them to fail prematurely. When selecting a drum, check if it fits your garage door’s height. Meanwhile, opt for a larger drum to encase the entire cable length if you have an exceptionally tall door.

The a broken cable that had unwound from its cable drum

Rust and Dirt Buildup

A rusted cable drum can cause the garage door cables to fray or snap, which can be dangerous. Furthermore, it can cause the garage door to operate inefficiently. The rust can cause the cables to become stuck or tangled, making lifting or lowering the door smoothly challenging. Replacing a rusted cable drum can help ensure the garage door operates smoothly and efficiently.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

If you are looking for replacement cable drums for your garage door, look no further than Titan Garage Doors NE. We have cable drums for all types of doors—DIY home improvement projects, commercial doors, and more! We understand you need a fast, reliable, and effective solution for all your garage door repair needs. That is why our team of experts will assess the issue quickly and provide you with an efficient repair that ensures long-lasting results. If you notice any cable drum problem, contact a garage door technician to assess and repair the issue promptly. Do not risk the safety of yourself or others by using a garage door system with a damaged cable drum. Call us today and ask for free estimates.


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