Garage door sensors have become an indispensable component of modern homes with garages. Not only do they provide a layer of convenience, but they also play a crucial role in the safety and security of the household. Unfortunately, a broken garage door sensor is one of the most common problems. In this feature, we will discuss the importance and function of these sensors on your garage door. We will also discuss common safety sensor issues and when to call a licensed professional for repair or replacement. But first, let us briefly explain how a garage door sensor works.

What are Garage Door Sensors?

Garage door sensors are devices that detect if an object is blocking the garage door’s path. Typically, these mount near the bottom of a garage door and utilize photoelectric beams for object detection. Obstruction in the beam between the lenses will prompt the opener motor to activate to prevent the door from closing. This feature safeguards any person or object in its path.

A working garage door safety sensor

The Benefits of Safety Sensors on Your Garage Door

There are a lot of benefits to having safety sensors on your garage door. Here are some of the most notable:

Ensure Safe Garage Door Operation

Installing sensors on your garage door is a great way to ensure your home and family remain safe. These sensors pick up any movements which may happen, avoiding an unfortunate accident due to an unexpected opening or closing of doors. Furthermore, when opened automatically, the sensors will shut the door tightly. So you do not need to fret about leaving it open by mistake.

Help You Save on Energy Costs

Installing a garage door sensor offers more than just safety and security. It can help you save money on energy bills by stopping doors from opening during windy days or when lights are left overnight. Doing this decreases your electricity consumption and reduces the strain on the opener.

Offer a Wealth of Ease and Accessibility

A garage door sensor installation also has the excellent advantage of being convenient. When someone requires entry, you can just push a keypad or remote control button to engage the opener. Thanks to this function, you no longer have to leave your car to open your garage door! Furthermore, this feature is incredibly beneficial for anyone in your family with mobility issues. There is no need to use their hands when entering or exiting the garage.

Add a Great Deal of Appeal

Installing a garage door sensor can be a big selling point for home buyers. The additional security layer gives them peace of mind when purchasing. It also creates an advantage over similar properties in terms of both features and price.

A newly installed garage door sensor

What Happens if the Sensors Are Misaligned?

Sometimes, garage door sensors may become misaligned. When this happens, the infrared beam that connects one sensor to another is broken. This disruption in the device will keep your garage door from closing fully. Although, it is still safe as it preserves its self-stop feature. To ensure your garage operates properly, you should take the time to realign the sensors. This way, you can guarantee functionality and convenience without compromising safety. However, if you notice any errors or malfunctions, it is best to contact a garage door repair expert near you. 

Garage Door Repair Near Me

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