Buying the right garage door hinges is necessary since they are an integral part of your garage door. In addition, you want to be sure that you make the right purchase and price range for your project. However, with many different hinges available, it is easy to lose sight of everything that can influence a purchase and assume that the hinges you have bought are the right ones. Therefore, when purchasing these hinges, it is essential to remember that some are superior to others. Here are some guidelines for choosing the appropriate garage door hinges that meet your requirements and budget.

Basic Principles of Garage Door Hinges

The metal component of your garage door hinges holds the panels together while allowing them to bend during opening and shutting. There are various hinges for garage doors, each distinct in appearance and use. 

Numbers in Hinges

You would see that various numbers are often engraved on the face of the garage door hinges. This number denotes the location of the hinge on the garage door. For example, Hinge No. 1 is often placed in the middle, Hinge No. 2 is placed between Panels 2 and 3, and Hinge No. 3 is placed between Panels 3 and 4.

You can make a wise purchase if you know which ones your garage doors require. After all, a smooth installation is ensured by the appropriate number.

Gauges in Hinges

Typically, hinges come in two widely used gauge sizes and widths. Commercial garage doors need stronger 11-gauge wide-bodied hinges, whereas residential garage doors need 14-gauge wide-bodied hinges. Since lower gauge numbers are thicker than higher-numbered hinges, numerical hinge size defies logic. Thus, for residential installations, avoid using hinges with gauge sizes more than 14.

Although buying thinner hinges may save you money in the short term, your garage door’s functionality and longevity may suffer over time. Thin hinges frequently experience rapid wear, resulting in bent or broken hinges that require replacement. Narrow-bodied hinges are 18-gauge and have stamped numerals from 1 to 5. Only lightweight residential door applications should use these hinges, which have a thickness of roughly a cent. Although heavier gauge hinges are more expensive, they provide a significant economic advantage due to their extended lifespan. Therefore, ensure you acquire 14-gauge wide-bodied hinges when buying a garage door for your home.

Make sure you buy the accurate gauge when replacing your garage door hinges. The panels may sustain damage if you install them with incorrect ones. To help you find the correct, seek the technical experts from a trusted garage door service provider like Titan Garage Doors NE.

Types of Garage Door Hinges

The type of hinges will have a significant impact on the door’s security and toughness. Butt, case, flush, and strap hinges are some of the most popular garage door hinges.

Because they can hold much weight, butt hinges are the most popular choice among homeowners. These are appropriate for steel garage doors because of this. The leaves are placed in different positions, but the size is similar to flush hinges.

Case hinges are far more attractive and can support the same weight as butt hinges. If homeowners find this feature necessary, case hinges are the best option. Additionally, there are numerous choices because they are available in various sizes and shapes.

Flush hinges are durable even though they are not the strongest. Additionally, they take up little space due to their size when the garage doors close because one leaf rests on the other.

Strap hinges are very distinctive and eye-catching. Because of their extraordinarily long leaves, these can most effectively secure the garage doors.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

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