When your garage door springs break, knowing where to start dealing with the problem can be a difficult task. When it comes to repairing broken garage door springs, there are various factors to consider. For example, you have to select the correct steel for the task. Furthermore, you must know the inner workings of springs and ensure that your repair is up to code. 

Are you considering replacing your garage door spring by yourself? Continue reading to learn more about garage door spring systems, how to safely spot a problem, and the risks of DIY repair. We will tell you as well why experts discourage DIY spring replacement.

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Types of garage door springs

Identify the type of garage door spring you need to repair before attempting to replace it. These springs fall into two groups:

Extension Springs

Extension springs are long, narrow springs that run parallel to the door’s horizontal tracks. When the door moves, they store energy by expanding or stretching. They can be clipped-end, double-looped, or open-looped.

Torsion Springs

The number of torsion springs in your garage door system will depend on the size and weight of the door. These large springs mount on a metal shaft right above the door opening. The springs twist to a certain torsion setting in relation to the assembly. Additionally, aluminum drums are installed on either end of the metal shaft. Standard, early-set, steel rolling-door, or torque-master are your torsion spring options.

The most typical spring types for residential use are extension springs and either standard or early-set torsion springs. Only commercial and industrial applications with substantially heavier garage doors use steel rolling-door and torque-master springs.

How to spot a broken garage door spring

You can sometimes tell if your torsion spring is broken just by looking at it. For example, you might observe a two-inch gap in the spring, indicating the location of the break. Additionally, a broken spring will lead to other issues with the operation of your garage door.

Where to get garage door spring replacements

Take the measurements and determine the right type of spring you need. Afterwards, finding a replacement spring for your garage door should not be difficult. You can purchase torsion and extension springs online or at hardware outlets, such as The Home Depot and Lowe’s

Are you unsure what you are looking for? Consulting with a spring manufacturer or a professional garage door repair service company might be a better alternative. They will almost certainly have the right spring you require. Moreover, they will be ready to answer any questions you may have prior to starting your job. 

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DIY spring replacement should be done with care and caution

Extension springs are relatively simple to replace by a DIYer with a basic understanding of garage doors. Falling garage doors, activated openers, and minor cuts due to old or rusty metal are all dangers to be mindful of throughout replacement of extension springs.

Torsion springs are more dangerous to replace as you will be dealing with springs that are under a lot of tension. One wrong move can result in flying metal if a winding cone or spring breaks. Minor to severe wounds, falling garage doors, and activated openers can also happen during spring replacement. With the necessary skill and tools, you can replace either type of garage door spring on your own. Torsion spring replacement is best left to the professionals unless you are a very skilled DIYer.

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