The number of garage break-ins is increasing year by year in the United States. Therefore, homeowners must double their efforts to keep their homes safe and secure. Burglars often target the garage because they know it likely stores valuable stuff, making it vulnerable to break-ins. Intruders are interested in its valuable contents. Fortunately, garage security is a low-cost option that can help you avoid becoming a victim of crime. There are various ways for homeowners to make their garage less enticing to thieves. 

Tips to Prevent Garage Break-Ins

Install garage door windows with tinted security film

Stealing from a garage is easy if its valuables are left in plain sight. It will be less appealing for burglars to break into your garage if the windows have tinted security film. Security film can make it difficult for passers-by to see through your windows at night or from afar. The film also makes the windows more difficult to break. Installing tinted security film is considerably better than setting up door sensors or alarm systems. Additionally, it takes a few steps to install and maintain.

Consider having a security system in the garage

The best approach to deter garage break-ins is to install a security system. If a criminal sees an alarm system, they will likely try their luck somewhere else. 83% of burglars say an alarm makes them think twice about breaking into a house. Investing in a security system is one of the most cost-effective methods to secure your garage. Depending on your budget, you can go for do-it-yourself security systems or professional installation.

Set up motion-activated lights to discourage garage break-ins

Burglars avoid being seen, and they know that activating the security lights is a definite method to attract attention. Do you already have a home security system in place? Then adding motion-activated lights can expand its capabilities and make it more useful. Motion-activated security lights work by turning on and recording video of the intruder when they detect movement. Motion-activated flood lights can scare away potential intruders. 

Always take your garage door remote with you

Keeping your garage remote in your car invites theft. Do you leave the garage door remote inside your car’s glove box or hiding it under the seat? Make it a habit to bring it with you whenever you leave the house and store it safely when you return. You can also switch to a universal remote that you can keep on your keychain. Alternatively, you can buy an opener with smart technology that you can operate remotely through an app on your phone. Hence, you never have to worry about stashing your remote elsewhere.

Prevent garage break-ins with a smart garage door opener

Adequate garage door security requires a combination of sensors and smart garage door openers. When a garage door opens unexpectedly, the sensors in the tracks will send a notification to your smartphone. There are many modern smart garage door openers that integrate with home security systems. That allows you to receive notifications the instant someone opens the door. If there are any intrusions, the system can immediately notify law enforcement for quick assistance.

Garage Door Service Near Me

Homeowners should be proactive in securing their garages. Following these easy guidelines can help keep them safe from garage break-ins. Do you have a smart garage door opener installed in your home? At Titan Garage Doors NE, we provide fast and affordable garage door services, as well as smart garage door opener installation. If you are unsure which smart opener is suitable for you, our staff will gladly walk you through the different available options. For free estimates, call us today at (402) 513-0255.

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