Anyone would agree that slow garage doors are a hassle. Do you notice that yours sometimes takes longer to open than it should? Several things can cause a garage door to be sluggish, but we are here to help. In this guide, we will go over some of the most common causes of slow garage doors and how to fix them quickly. Plus, learn why it is always better to prevent this problem before it starts. Let us get started.

How Do You Fix Slow Garage Doors

Troubleshooting garage door issues like slow garage doors might test your patience. But do not despair yet. With our expert insight, your garage door will run smoothly and efficiently in no time. So let us dive in and start troubleshooting that slow garage door.

A user is troubleshooting a slow garage door

Check the Tracks and Rollers

If your garage door moves too slowly, dirt or debris could be blocking the rollers in their tracks. Clean them with a damp cloth, then give them a good silicone-based lubricant spray. That should get the rollers moving again.

Examine the Springs

Garage door springs that are not working well can slow down the door. Look and see if you spot any rust, cracks, or gaps. Be careful, though. Slow garage doors are often caused by using the incorrect spring size. When this is the case, your door might not open at all. It is safest to ask a garage door expert if your springs need fixing or replacing. 

Assess the Garage Door Opener

Common garage door opener problems may sometimes be attributed to the slow garage doors. To figure out why your garage door is slow, check your garage door opener’s motor. Look for broken parts or loose screws and bolts, and fix them if needed. Also, make sure the remote control has working batteries. If not, you may need to get fresh ones. Such minor routine checks can prevent common garage door opener problems and help keep your garage door working properly.

A technician troubleshooting a garage door opener

Check for Garage Door Sensor Issues

Garage door sensors are important for a working garage door. Once they break or malfunction, you may experience garage door problems opening and closing. Dust, bad wiring, broken parts, misalignment, or harsh weather can cause the mechanisms to slow down. To keep your door running smoothly, check it regularly for dirt buildup and correct alignment. That way, you will save money on repairs in the future.

Inspect Cables and Pulleys

Check your garage door cables and pulleys for fraying or damage. Look out for warning signs like broken strands and kinks. If you spot them, do not try to fix them yourself. Instead, call a garage door technician for quick, safe garage door troubleshooting and repairs.

Check the Balance

If your garage door seems slow to open, it may be out of balance. To test the balance, close the door and disconnect it from the opener. Then, give it a gentle lift to about waist level. If it stays still, you are good to go. However, if it drops or rises, you may need to adjust the springs or get a professional to look at it.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Use lubrication on all the moving parts to keep things running smoothly in your garage door. Apply it on hinges, springs, and other metal pieces to reduce friction and make them work better. But remember, do not put on too much. Excess lube can bring in dirt and other messes.

Do not let a slow garage door bother you. With a few tips and simple repairs you can follow, it can open and close like new. Just remember, safety should be the number one priority. If any tasks look tough or you do not know what to do, get help from a garage door expert. Regular maintenance and quick fixes will make your door reliable and secure for years.

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