The importance of garage door handles cannot be overstated. These handles are often part of the list when we talk about garage door parts and accessories. Why? Because this small part is essential to how your garage door works and looks. This helpful guide will look closer into these garage door handles. We will talk about their value, proper sizes, the best spots to place them, design options, and the steps needed to install them.

What Are Garage Door Handles For?

Garage door handles, part of the larger term garage door decorative hardware, are important parts that make it easier to open and close garage doors by hand. Even though motorized systems run most modern garage doors, it is important to have a working handle in case the power goes out or there is an emergency.

Choosing the Suitable Size

There are no strict rules for choosing the right size for your garage door handle. That means you can choose, but some general guidelines can help. The average size of a handle is between four and seven inches. Choose a size you can hold comfortably without using too much force or strain. With a handle that is the right size, opening and closing your garage door will always be easy.

Choosing the Best Place to Install

The location of your garage door handle can have a big effect on how it works and how it looks. We often recommend placing it in the middle at a height that allows easy access. This way, you can reach the handle without stretching or bending awkwardly.

Choosing the Right Design

The decorative hardware for garage doors comes in a wide range of types to fit a variety of architectural styles and preferences. Here are some garage door handle popular style options to consider:

A homeowner installing garage door handles
  • Traditional Handles: These handles have a classic look that works with most garage door types.
  • Decorative Handles: Add a sense of elegance to your garage door with handles that have complex patterns or artistic features. You can use these handles on both traditional and modern garage doors.
  • Rustic Handles: Choose handles with weathered or distressed finishes for a rustic look. These are great for homes with a country or cottage style.
  • Modern Handles: Modern handles have smooth lines and a minimalist style. That gives them a clean, uncluttered look that goes well with modern buildings.

How to Install Your Garage Door Handle

There are a few steps you can follow to place the handles during garage door installation:

A homeowner installing garage door decorative hardware
  1. Get your tools together: Gather the tools you need, like a drill, screws, a screwdriver, a measuring tape, and a level.
  2. Find the best spot: Choose the best place for your handle, keeping comfort and balance in mind.
  3. Mark hole positions: Use a measuring tape and a level to mark the spots where you drill the holes.
  4. Pre-drill holes: Use your power drill to drill holes at the marked locations.
  5. Install the handle: Place the handle over the pre-drilled holes. Insert screws through the handle and into the pre-drilled holes in the garage door.
  6. Tighten screws: Attach the handle firmly to the door by tightening the screws with a screwdriver.
  7. Test the handle: Gently test it by putting light pressure on it to see whether it is firmly in place.


The garage door handle is an important part of your door that combines function and style. With various sizes, styles, and placement options, you can match your choice to your home’s design and make sure it is easy to use. Follow the steps for installing these handles to easily add this important part and make your garage door more useful and attractive.

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