Garage door lifts have many different uses. They allow you to move your garage door high off the ground to easily get your car in and out of the garage. You can also use a garage door lift to store large items you do not want to take up space in the garage, loft, or storage unit. The garage door lift is a great alternative to replacing a garage door opener, but not many people know it. 

What Are the Different Types of Garage Door Lifts?

Knowing the different types of garage door lifts can help you choose the one that will work best for your needs.

Standard Garage Door Lifts

These lifts are a common sight in residential settings. They have two main types of springs: extension springs and torsion springs. Torsion springs are the most popular type and are best for most systems. When measuring for headroom, you will need 8 1/2 inches for extension springs (installed over the two horizontal tracks) and 12 inches for torsion springs (over the garage door header). 

A high-lift garage door

Remember that an electric door opener needs two extra inches of headroom. Also, note that these measurements apply when the door is level with the opening. Entrust this job to our experts at Titan Garage Doors NE for the most accurate garage door spring replacement.

Front and Rear Low Headroom Hardware Lifts

Front and rear low-headroom hardware lifts suit for tight spaces, like garage doors with less headroom space. These double tracks and rollers allow the top section of the door to move smoothly while the lower sections follow the lower track. Thus, making it easy for the garage door opener to move the door without forcing it.

You may want a lower front headroom model if there is insufficient space for a traditional lift. That means the space above the door frame is less than 8 ½ inches for extension springs or 10 inches for torsion springs. 

However, in cases where there is not enough space for a traditional front headroom, you may need a rear headroom instead. That typically happens when the overhead space above the door is less than 8 inches for torsion spring applications.

Inclined Garage Door Lifts

Different types of garage roofs can better suit different types of garage doors. For example, an inclined garage door lift is ideal when you have a steeply pitched roof. These tracks follow the slope of your ceiling, keeping the door flat against the ceiling. Using a high lift type brings the garage door to the ceiling before the pitch but leaves a gap at the start of your roof’s incline. 

Your torsion spring must be well-balanced and strong enough to support this angled garage door. When you schedule a garage door opener installation at the same time, a wall-mounted one is preferable for a garage with a steeply angled roof.

High-Lift Garage Doors

High-lift garage doors are ideal for better use of your garage’s vertical space. Moving the garage door tracks closer to the ceiling allows you to gain at least 12″-15″ more headroom in your garage. That is perfect when you have high ceilings in your home or want to add windows above your garage door opening.

This type of lift for your garage door is ideal for:

  • Homes with interior spaces that extend into the garage
  • Garages with windows above the door opening
  • Creating additional storage space on walls or ceilings in the garage
  • Installing a car lift in the garage
  • Maximizing space in the garage for future projects, like creating a home gym or extra living area
A low front headroom garage door lift

Full Vertical Lift

A vertical lift is a type of garage door that opens vertically along the wall above it. This type of door is often used in commercial projects requiring frequent access. The headroom for a vertical lift is the same as the height of the door.

Garage Door Installation Near Me

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