Have the ear-piercing squeak of your garage door ever jolted you awake early in the morning? Or perhaps you have cringed at the loud screeching sound when you are coming home from work. It is a problem many of us face, but do not worry because it is fixable. In this blog, we are going to show you how to quiet those squeaky garage doors. Let us get started and put an end to that annoying garage door noise.

What Causes Those Squeaky Garage Doors?

Garage doors can squeak for a number of reasons, most of which have to do with their moving parts. The following are common reasons for squeaky garage doors:

Lack of Lubrication

Failure to lubricate your garage door is the most common cause of a squeaky garage door. It is important to keep the rollers, hinges, and springs in garage doors lubricated because they move around a lot. Over time, the garage door lubricant can dry out or run out. This lack of lubrication can cause more friction, which could lead to loud and squeaky garage doors.

Worn Out Garage Door Rollers

It is possible for the rollers that help the door move up and down the track to break or wear out. Worn-out rollers often make a squeaky or grinding sound when the door is moving.

Loose Garage Door Hardware

Hardware parts like screws, nuts, and bolts can come loose because the door moves around a lot. When parts of the door become loose, they can rub against each other and make a noise at the same time.

Misaligned Garage Door Tracks

If you have a misaligned garage door track, the door can make a squeaking sound when it rubs against it. This misalignment can also put extra stress on other garage door parts, which can make the noise worse.

Old and Worn-Out Hinges

Due to daily use and being out in the weather, the garage door hinges can wear out in the long run. It is possible for worn-out hinges to make noises when the door moves.

Lack of lubrication is one of the causes of squeaky garage doors

Rusty Garage Springs

At some point, the springs that help move the garage door may rust. Rust not only makes noise, but it can also weaken the springs, which could lead to bigger problems.

Temperature and Humidity Changes

Temperature and humidity changes can make the metal parts of the garage door expand and contract. These changes in the weather are often the reason you have to deal with those pesky, squeaky garage doors. 

What You Need to Do to Quiet Your Squeaky Garage Doors

Disconnect Power and Secure the Garage Door

Before you start with garage door repair, make sure you are safe. First, turn off the power to your garage door opener. You can do this by unplugging it or switching off the circuit breaker. If you have an automatic door, you need to switch it to manual mode. Look for a cord hanging from the opener and pull it.

After you have turned off the power and switched to manual, open the door halfway by hand. Observe if it remains in place on its own. If it does, then it is safe to do the fixing. If it starts to close, secure it with a clamp or have someone hold it open for you. This step is important to prevent the door from moving and causing injury while you work.

Gather the Tools and Materials

Having the right tools and materials on hand will make the process smoother and more efficient. Here is a list of what you will typically need:

  1. Wrench set and socket set
  2. Garage door lubricant
  3. Cleaning supplies
  4. Ladder
  5. Protective gloves and eyewear

To avoid delays, make sure you have all of these things before you start the repair work.

Conduct Initial Inspection

The initial inspection is crucial in identifying which parts of your garage door need attention. It will help you know what to fix to stop your garage door from squeaking. Look carefully at every part of your door. Doing this not only fixes the squeaky noise now but also helps avoid future issues and makes your door last longer.

Clean the Tracks and Rollers

Begin by cleaning the garage door tracks and rollers. Dirt and debris can build up there, making your door noisy and hard to move. First, use a clean cloth to wipe the tracks. If there is stubborn dirt, a mild cleaner or degreaser can help. Be gentle to avoid damaging anything.

A man cleaning the garage door tracks

Now, it is time to clean the rollers. Just wipe off any dirt or grease on them. If they are really dirty, you might need to take them off for a better clean. Do not use harsh cleaners or chemicals on your garage door because they can ruin the finish and parts of it.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Choose a good lubricant made for garage doors, like silicone or lithium grease. These are great because they are less likely to attract dust and dirt. Apply this lubricant on the hinges, rollers, and other parts that move. For the rollers, make sure you only put lubricant on the bearings and not on the wheel part. Just apply a small amount of lubricant on the hinges right where they bend. If your door has a chain or screw drive opener, put some lubricant on those parts too. The key is to use enough lubricant to make things move easily and smoothly, but not so much that it is dripping or messy.

Tighten Loose Garage Door Parts

Grab your wrench or socket set and gently tighten any loose parts. Make sure you do not tighten them too much because this can ruin the threads or break the parts. Loose garage door parts can make a lot of noise and might even cause bigger problems later.

When to Call In the Garage Door Experts

Let the qualified technicians take a look and check if your garage door keeps making noise even after you have tried to fix it several times. They have the right tools and training to fix these tough issues safely and effectively. They can also help with regular check-ups to prevent future issues, ensuring your door works well for a longer time. 

Remember, trying to fix complicated problems yourself can be dangerous and might even void your door’s warranty. It is always safer and more effective to rely on expert help.

Follow these steps carefully to make your garage door quieter and work more smoothly. With garage door maintenance at least every six months, you can not only get rid of the noise but also make your door last longer.

Garage Door Maintenance Near Me

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