If you live in Omaha, you know that the weather can be wild. This area gets a lot of high winds, hail, and even the occasional storm. In those days, a standard garage door might not always hold up. That is where impact-rated garage doors come in. These doors can withstand tough weather, keeping your home safe and sound no matter what Mother Nature throws at it. This piece will explore why investing in a reinforced garage door is a smart choice for Omaha homeowners. Let us look into how it helps protect your home, reduce energy bills, and provide peace of mind.

The Weather Challenges in Omaha

Here are some common weather problems that homeowners in Omaha have to deal with:

  1. Tornadoes: Omaha is in an area that sees quite a few tornadoes. During these powerful storms, objects can fly at very high speeds, strong enough to damage or even break through standard garage doors. On April 26, 2024, the National Weather Service reported a tornado outbreak that destroyed many homes and businesses in the metro. This event shows why it is so important to have impact-rated garage doors.
  2. Hailstorms: Hail can be as small as a pellet, big as a golf ball, or even larger. When hail hits with force, it can dent and damage garage doors, affecting their appearance and functionality.
  3. High Winds: Apart from tornadoes, Omaha often gets high winds during storms. Winds can loosen or even detach garage doors not made for these conditions, leaving your home vulnerable.

What Are Impact-Rated Garage Doors?

Impact-rated garage doors are specially designed to withstand harsh conditions like strong winds and flying debris. Think of them as strong shields that help protect your garage and home. These garage doors undergo a series of tests to earn their “impact-rated” label. They must resist heavy impacts that simulate debris, striking them during a storm.

However, not all impact-rated garage doors are the same. Some can handle bigger hits and stronger winds. When choosing a garage door, you will see different ratings, which tell you how much force the door can take. Higher ratings mean better protection, which is great for areas with more severe weather, like Omaha.

An impact-rated garage door installed in a home

Benefits of Installing Impact-Rated Garage Doors

If you are living in Omaha, choosing impact-rated garage doors for your home is a smart decision. Here is why these doors are more than just a typical upgrade:

Increased Safety During Storms

As mentioned, the weather in Omaha can be intense, with strong winds and hail. Impact-rated garage doors withstand heavy blows from objects like branches and debris during storms. Thus, they make it much less likely that these external forces will break through the garage door and cause damage or harm inside.

Keep Your Home Secure

Of course, these garage doors do more than just keep out bad weather. They also provide home security. Intruders find it tougher to break through impact-rated garage doors. If you are concerned about break-ins, getting one of these doors can help you sleep better at night, knowing your garage is more secure. A garage door storm braces can also add extra support. 

Cut Down on Energy Bills

Manufacturers often insulate impact-rated garage doors well. This insulation helps keep your garage—and your entire home—warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. That means your heating and cooling system does not have to work as hard, which can save you money on energy bills.

Save Money on Insurance

Likewise, impact-rated garage doors lower the risk of damage and break-ins, so some insurance companies will lower your rate if you get them. That could help you save money on your home insurance, making these garage doors a smart investment.

What Homeowners Should Look for When Choosing Impact-Rated Garage Doors

When looking for a new garage door in Omaha, it is important to pick one that is impact-rated. Here is how you can make sure you are choosing an impact-rated garage door:

Look at Materials and Build Quality

The strength of a garage door significantly depends on the type of material and construction. Manufacturers typically make impact-rated garage doors from stronger materials like steel or reinforced aluminum. Check how thick the door is and how tough it feels. Also, look at the door’s hardware—like hinges and rollers—that should be sturdy to help the door resist impacts.

Check for Certification Labels

Manufacturers test impact-rated garage doors and label them to show they meet specific standards. These labels tell you reputable organizations have approved the garage door and list what kind of weather and impacts it can handle. Always look for these labels to ensure the door’s quality and safety.

A garage door with a label indicating it passed a series of test for windload compliance

Understand the Ratings

These garage doors have different levels of strength, as shown by their ratings. The ratings may indicate how much wind the door can withstand or what types of impacts it can resist. Note that higher ratings generally mean better protection. So, choose a garage door with a rating that matches Omaha’s most common weather challenges. Garage door models like Clopay’s WindCode® offer a wide range of wind-load garage doors. Are you curious about this particular garage door? Feel free to ask a garage door supplier near you.

Verify Insulation and Sealing Features

A good impact-rated garage door also regulates your garage’s temperature, enhancing energy efficiency. Check for adequate garage door insulation and sealing to help keep the weather outside from affecting your indoor comfort. That means you can also save on heating and cooling costs.

Ask About Installation Requirements

Correct installation of a garage door is crucial for its performance. Ask the local garage door Omaha service provider about their experience and whether they have received training to work with impact-rated garage doors. Note that a well-installed garage door will perform better and last longer.

By paying attention to these important features, you can pick an impact-rated garage door that looks great and keeps your home safe and efficient. Remember, a durable garage door is a smart investment. It can help you save money on repairs and energy bills.

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