The carriage house garage door is becoming a popular style again. More and more homeowners are considering if this door style is a good fit for their homes. These garage doors have a long history, existing before automobiles and the conventional garages we see today. Originally, when people traveled by horse-drawn carriage, they required a barn-style structure for storage. The carriages could fit inside the barn doors since they opened up sufficiently wide. Today, carriage-style garage doors are still used, though in a different way.

Today’s carriage-style garage door is more subdued than their predecessors but still feature intricate woodwork and metal accents. The most common carriage-style doors open vertically, like a garage door. But you can also find versions that swing outwards or fold in half. No matter the design, a carriage house garage door adds a touch of elegance to any home.

Why You Should Consider a Carriage House Garage Door

Enhances the Curb Appeal of Your Home

One of the main benefits of this type of garage door is their aesthetic appeal. Many homeowners want something that enhances the home’s curb appeal and value. A carriage house garage door delivers on both counts. These doors have solid construction, classic good looks, and clean lines. By all means, carriage-style garage doors can significantly improve your home’s appearance.

A Carriage House Garage Door Expands Your Storage

Not a fan of the look of an overhead garage door track? Then you will be pleased to know that these garage doors do not have one since they swing out. A carriage house garage door is ideal if your ceilings are quite high. A garage door running on a track might not be practical in this case. Furthermore, if you have many tall items in your garage, a track could make it more difficult to tuck them away. However, eliminating the track can regain some space in your garage.

Improves Natural Lighting

Different types of garage doors offer different levels of privacy and security. A carriage house garage door is a great option if you want a door that provides seclusion and natural light. Carriage-style doors are solid for the most part, with small windows that let in light. This combination is advantageous because it allows you to maintain privacy while letting in some natural light.

A Carriage House Garage Is Low Maintenance

Consider a contemporary carriage house garage door made of steel if you are looking for a low-maintenance garage door option. These doors are durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions, making them ideal for homes in snowier regions. In addition, you would not need to worry about painting or replacing your garage door anytime soon.

Provides Better Security

Traditional garage doors are made from weaker materials, which makes them more susceptible to forced entry. On the other hand, a contemporary carriage house garage door is constructed from stronger materials. That makes it much more difficult to break in. In addition, the locking mechanism on a modern models is also designed to be more secure. That helps deterring would-be thieves further.

Final Thoughts on Carriage House Garage

If you want a stylish garage door that will complement your home, you should consider carriage house doors. They are well known for their classic look. However, this design might not suit every home because they swing open. You need to have enough space in front of the door to allow it to open fully without hitting anything. If you only have a little space, installing a carriage-style garage door would be impossible since you could not operate the door effectively.

Garage Door Installation from Titan Garage Doors NE

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