Nebraska sees a lot of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes, making it important for homeowners there to have strong garage doors. You might wonder why the garage door matters. Well, during big storms, the garage door can be your home’s best friend or its biggest problem. This blog will show you why having wind-resistant garage doors is a good idea and how to find one that fits your home. Curious or thinking about an upgrade? Find out how these garage doors can be your home’s shield against the next big hurricane.

What Does Wind Resistance Mean?

When we say wind-resistant garage doors, it means they can hold up against strong winds and the pressure changes that come with storms. There is more to this than just the door itself. There is also the frame, the tracks, and everything else that holds the door to the house. Wind-resistant garage doors comprise parts that work together to make them stronger and last longer:

Material Strength

Strong materials like steel, aluminum, or fiberglass are used to make these doors. These materials are less likely to bend, twist, or break when exposed to high-speed winds.

A wind-resistant garage door installed in a home

Garage Door Reinforcement

Wind-resistant doors often feature additional layers or struts on the back of the door panels, providing extra strength. These reinforcements distribute the wind load across the door more evenly, reducing the chance of breaking.

Secure Attachment

The hardware that attaches the door to the home plays a vital role. Heavy-duty brackets, tracks, and hinges hold the door in place even when the wind is blowing hard.

Sealing and Weather Stripping

With the right weather stripping and seals, wind-driven rain and debris can not get into the garage. It gives you an extra layer of defense against weather damage.

Wind Code Ratings: Why They Matter in Garage Doors

The wind code rating on your garage door is a measure of how well it can hold up against winds and flying debris. Different areas have their standards for how strong a garage door needs to be. Local building authorities, who set this special rating system, consider the typical weather in that region. 

This rating system gauges how big the door is, the fastest wind speed it can handle, and where the door is located. In other words, it helps to figure out how strong a garage door is against strong winds. For instance, Clopay designed wind code ratings that range from W-1 to W-9. The higher the number, the stronger the door is against big winds. So, if a door has a higher wind code rating, it is better to stand up to strong winds.

For a door to be sold as wind-resistant, it has to pass some tough tests that mimic the conditions of a hurricane. That is, to make sure the door can really handle what it says it can. The International Building Code (IBC) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) set rules and guidelines for wind resistance. Doors that pass get a special label that tells you what wind speeds they can withstand.

Why You Need Wind-Resistant Garage Doors

Here is why wind-proof garage doors are a must-have when you live where hurricanes or big storms happen frequently:

Keep Your House from Falling Apart

Imagine what could happen if a strong gust of wind could swing open your garage door that instant. It could let the wind rip off the roof or even knock down the walls. That is where wind-resistant garage doors come in handy. They help keep your house standing strong even during the fiercest storms.

Lower the Damage to Property

During storms, debris can get picked up by the wind and thrown around. A strong garage door can stop these flying objects from smashing into your garage and breaking your car, tools, or bikes inside.

Keep You Safe

The most important reason for these doors is to keep you and your family safe. If the garage door withstands the wind and debris, it reduces the risk of injury from flying objects.

Insurance Benefits

Insurance companies like it when your house can stand up to storms because it means less damage than they have to pay for. So, they often give you a great deal on your insurance cost if you have a wind-resistant garage door.

A garage door with struts installed

Compliance with Building Codes

In many hurricane-prone areas, the law says new houses and ones being renovated need to have wind-resistant garage doors. By installing one, you make sure you are following the rules and keeping your house’s value up.

How to Choose the Best Garage Door for Windy Conditions

The right wind-resistant garage door is important for safety, durability, and security against bad weather. To help you choose the best one, here are some tips from our garage door pros:

Find Out Your Wind Code Rating

Start by researching the wind load requirements your garage door needs based on where you live. Make sure your garage door meets these conditions. The local building code authority can give you up-to-date information about these safety standards. Also, a professional garage door technician can do an on-site inspection to check your garage door. You can also talk to a garage door supplier to pick the best wind-rated garage door for you.

Get to Know Your Garage Door

Even if you did not buy your current garage door, it is important to know its details. Have a garage door Omaha licensed expert check if it is the right type for your region and how to keep it secure when a storm hits.

Choose Between Two Types of Reinforced Garage Doors

You can pick from two kinds of reinforced garage doors:

  1. “Add-on” system: This type requires you to install long posts from your floor to your ceiling when a storm comes.
  2. “Storm Ready” models: These garage doors are ready to go without extra steps. They come with built-in strength. You just lock them when needed, perfect for sudden high winds or if you need to leave quickly.

Note that the second option is easier to use when you are in a hurry or do not expect a storm.

Do Not Forget About Style and Aesthetics

Wind-resistant garage doors can still look good. You can find a garage door with a code-compliant design, like carriage-house doors, or ones with tough windows that can handle impacts. Clopay’s newly patented Tapered Strut or “T-Strut” design offers a cleaner, less bulky appearance.

Remember that a properly chosen and wind-resistant garage door provides peace of mind during storms and ensures the safety of your home and family.

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