Choosing commercial garage doors for your business is one of your most important decisions. The garage door you select will affect the security of your business, as well as its aesthetics. It will protect your goods from break-ins, fire damage, and even unexpected weather.

This article by Titan Garage Doors NE will highlight the four most common types of commercial garage doors. We want you to know the best models that offer energy efficiency, increase business productivity, provide excellent temperature control, and enhance the overall working environment.

Types of commercial garage doors

Roll-up garage doors

The name is self-explanatory. Roll-up garage doors roll up into a coil when you lift them. These roll-up doors have slats that are a lot thinner than other doors. This feature gives it maximum flexibility and makes it easy for the door to roll. With roll-up doors, the door attaches to the garage’s wall, and the guides lead it until it reaches its destination. Roll-up doors come in handy when there is no space for rails, like an open warehouse or doors to get in the way. It is also a neater solution that offers the same result as other garage doors. 

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Roll-up garage doors are more common in commercial applications and are ideal for an area with space constraints. This no-frills design option is made with 2- to 3-inch steel slat sections that roll around a drum. They are also known as coiling doors and can withstand heavy usage. In addition, high-performance units are often enclosed or built without springs to prevent corrosion, rust, and freezing. 

Since the roll-up model handles heavy-duty jobs, the upfront costs are considerably higher than others. When you release them, roll-up commercial doors are quite secure because they attach to the garage’s inner wall. Storefronts use them as security gates to provide security at night while offering a clear view of goods during the day.

Fire-rated garage doors

The fire-rated garage doors operate like roll-up doors. However, they use motorized equipment to operate or lower manually. The main difference is that fire-rated garage doors offer more protection than standard roll-up doors. The door’s material is responsible for this extra protection. They use thick, noise-resistant, durable, fire-resistant stainless steel. It also offers excellent insulation. 

This door type is flexible so it can be custom-built for different scenarios. You can see them in mills, warehouses, distribution centers, and parking garages. Fire-rated garage doors also have a special auto-closing feature that allows the door to shut automatically if they detect fire on the premises. It helps reduce the spread of smoke and promotes workers’ safe escape if there is a fire.

Security gates

Many businesses choose security gates to protect their goods from intruders. It is also known as scissor gates because of how it works. The gate is usually made from steel and doesn’t open by rolling up. Instead, they move from left to right or right to left, like a sliding door. Others are built to swing open and shut to save costs. When you pull close this type of commercial garage door, it locks like any other door. As noted earlier, it is made from thick steel, making it reliable. At the same time, it provides ventilation through the gate holes. 

They function as a barrier, so many businesses use it as reinforcement or another layer of protection for a different kind of garage door. This type of garage door usually comes in two colors, either black or gray. However, a business owner can choose custom colors that are usually powder coated. Security gates restrict access to the store, allowing for better airflow since the roll-up door is open.

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Sectional doors 

Sectional doors are quite common in the United States. Many businesses and residential homes use this type of garage door. As the name implies, the panel of a sectional door is broken into sections and held in place by hinges. These hinges allow the door panel to bend when it opens. This type of garage door moves up a vertical track and reaches the top of the opening. At this stage, it starts to bend and runs parallel to the garage’s ceiling along the horizontal track. 

Sectional doors are built from galvanized steel panels, giving them internal features to promote thermal insulation and noise reduction. It has a broad range of hardware, panel profiles, glazing, metal gauges, and track styles. They can help promote resistance to wind, rain, temperatures, dampness, or other harsh elements. Regarding protection and security, sectional doors do not offer the level of security rolling doors provide. However, it allows for versatility and creativity regarding different functional benefits.

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