There are a lot of possible causes for an unresponsive garage door. It is because there are so many intricate parts in a garage door, and any of these parts can cause it to get stuck. Some parts include the power source, emergency cord, remote or wall unit, and photo-eye sensor. Many of these issues can be fixed easily by the homeowner. This blog will discuss some common causes of this problem in detail and offer solutions to the problem. 

What Could Cause an Unresponsive Garage Door

Power source

Garage door openers are usually plugged into a power source, so the first thing to check when your door fails to open is the power source. Some people mistakenly unplug their doors from the power source. Double-check that the opener is properly plugged in. Also, check that the outlet is working since it does not give any signs before going out. To confirm that the outlet is working, plug another electronic device to test it. You may also need to check other more complex parts like the fuse, circuit breaker, and GFCI.  

Emergency cord

The emergency cord in a garage door is a rope hanging from the trolley. It is always red and has a handle, so it dangles from the ceiling. This cord is used to disconnect the carriage from the trolley. Doing this makes the door slide along the railing. After pulling this cord, you can lift the door manually.

If your door is stuck, you can use this cord to release it. However, you need to be careful. If the door is up, do not pull the cord, especially if the spring is broken, as it can crash down and be damaged.

Remote or wall unit

A dead remote battery is also a possible cause to consider. For example, if your door does not open, you need to check the batteries in the door opener. You may need to replace them as well. Also, openers have a wall control unit, and this device has a lock button. This button is also known as the vacation button. If your remote battery is dead, this wall unit will lock it out so you can open or close the door.

Photo eye sensor

Most modern garage doors have sensors on each side of the door. If there is an obstruction in the sensors’ infrared path, the door will stop descending. If the sensor malfunctions, the opener will get stuck. Check the sensor lights in this case because it usually blinks if it needs adjustment. Also, check for any obstruction on the door path. If the problem persists, you will need garage door repair services.

Door off-track 

If your door does not open, it could be linked to a misaligned door off the track. Sadly, there is no quick fix for a door off-track. You will need to call a garage door repair service company. It is not advisable to try to fix it by yourself, no matter how handy you are.

Broken or loose garage door chain

Some doors run on chains. The metal chain drives the trolley that pulls the door open and close. You should service this chain often to ensure it is in great shape. If the chain becomes loose or broken, the door can get stuck. It is another fix that requires a garage door opener expert, so try to avoid fixing a broken chain.

Garage door is blocked

A blocked door can prevent your door from opening and closing. If you have this problem, properly examine the hinges, rollers, tracks, and other hardware. Search for signs of damage and lubricate if necessary. A silicone spray can come in handy here. After doing this, try to raise the door slowly. If it remains stuck, try to find the obstruction in the path that made it stop and remove it if you can. 

Garage door is locked

It is not possible to remotely unlock some manual garage doors. You must physically unlock one before it opens. So, you need to check the manual lock if your door does not open or close. 

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