Titan Garage Doors NE just finished a scheduled maintenance service for a warehouse in Lincoln, NE. Our team came equipped with all the tools and replacement parts so we could address any problem with the door instantly. Our comprehensive 20-point garage door inspection included checking the door's balance, lubricating the hardware, and replacing the worn-out weather seals. In addition, we cleaned the commercial overhead garage door and secured all the moving parts. Finally, we tested the door before concluding the garage door tune-up. The client had notable remarks on our fast turnaround time and precise estimates. So, again, we served another satisfied client by doing a great job!

Where do you keep your vehicles, inventory, and other items when you run a business? Definitely in your garage warehouse! Commercial garage doors take a lot of wear and tear daily and are exposed to the elements. Hence, maintaining your garage door at least once a season will help protect your valuables while saving money on electricity. At the same time, a tune-up will provide a more productive working atmosphere. 

The Importance of Commercial Garage Door Maintenance

Commercial garage doors can range from heavy-duty industrial doors to medium-grade commercial doors. Regardless of what type you have, you must regularly maintain your commercial garage door. Doing so helps prevent damage and keep the door operating properly for longer.

The operations and upkeep of a garage door at home differ from those at a business. However, the two are quite similar. It is more common for a commercial door to be utilized than a residential door. Regularly using this heavier garage door leads to wear and tear, which may lead to various unanticipated problems over time. These concerns might be difficult and burdensome for you to deal with during office hours and on your days off. As a result, a poorly used and maintained garage door may stop working unexpectedly.

How Do You Maintain Commercial Garage Doors

Look for Rust and Repair as Necessary

If your garage door is constructed of metal, it will rust eventually. Therefore, it is advisable to check for rust every month or so. If your garage door is old and the rust has spread, you must replace it. If the damage is minor, it is also possible to have a single panel replaced. You must immediately contact a garage door repair specialist if you see any of these indicators. Then, have it repaired, or it will cause breakage and damage. 

Check the Insulation of Your Commercial Garage Door

If you find drafts coming in and your energy bills are rising, you may need to repair the insulation in your garage door. Consider replacing an old door with an energy-efficient one to save money in the long run and have more security.

Those who own businesses that provide energy-efficient alternatives must establish whether or not the door maintains the insulation. It will aid you in keeping the optimal interior air quality and temperature.

Inspect the Weather Seals

One of the most difficult issues with garages is water leaking. So examine the door for leaks to ensure you are not wasting water. Frequent checks and balances may lead to simpler door maintenance and better resource use. To prevent this problem, get an expert to replace the weather sealing.

Clean Your Commercial Garage Doors Regularly

Clean your garage door once a week to prevent rusting or wear and tear. Cleaning and fixing it decreases the likelihood of rust from water residues or dust particles. Before applying a cleaning solution, check the material requirements since certain cleaning agents may not be suitable for particular metal doors. That may cause further corrosion and damage to the garage door.

Do you have to pay a lot for a garage door tune-up? Think again. Business owners in Lincoln, NE, and beyond can take advantage of the garage door maintenance and repair services we provide at Titan Garage Doors NE. If your company needs a new garage door, go through our selection of premium, energy-efficient commercial garage doors. You can reach us online or by phone at (402) 513-0255 to book an appointment or get free estimates.