Titan Garage Doors NE recently completed a garage door opener repair project for a client in Council Bluffs, IA. The homeowner had reported a problem with a loose chain on their LiftMaster garage door opener. Upon inspection, our technician determined that a loose chain tensioner caused the issue. Over time, the tensioner had become worn and needed to be replaced.

To address the problem, our technician removed the old tensioner and installed a new one. We then adjusted the chain tension to ensure it was properly aligned and tightened. Finally, they tested the opener to ensure it ran smoothly and safely. The repair was made with precision and efficiency in less than an hour. And the client could not have been happier with the service they received from Titan Garage Doors NE.

Have you noticed any issues with your garage door not functioning as it should? A loose chain causing extra stress on the opener is usually the main culprit for such issues. The additional work can make the entire system less efficient and cause the door to jump off track. Fortunately, tightening up the chain is an easy fix that you should learn as part of regular maintenance.

How to Fix a Loose Chain on Your Garage Door

You can quickly restore your garage door chain to its correct tension by following these steps:

Turn off the power supply and disengage the opener.

Before you start working on your garage opener, make sure that you take all the safety precautions. First, close the garage door, then disconnect the power by unplugging it from the ceiling outlet or looking in your owner's manual for instructions. Next, detach the door from the opener by pulling down the red emergency cord. Meanwhile, if you have a T-rail opener, pull the cord down and back toward the opener. This way, you do not get hurt if the garage opens while you are working.

Locate the adjustment bolt.

Climb up on the stepladder, and you will see a bolt with two nuts attached to the opener unit. The outer nut is for locking, and the inner nut is for adjusting. Turn the inner nut slightly to make the garage door chain tighter. That will help give your garage door more tension.

Unfasten the locking nut and tighten the adjustment nut.

To tighten your chain, use a wrench to loosen the locking nut. Then use another wrench to turn the adjustment nut until the chain has the right tension. The chain should sit about a quarter-inch above the rail for square rails. For T-rails, it should be half an inch above. Do not make the chain too tight—leaving it a little loose rather than too tight is better. Finally, secure the locking nut with two wrenches so the chain stays in place.

Reconnect the power and plug your opener back in.

To turn your garage door opener back on, plug it in and then attach the trolley to the opener again. Next, pull the release rope until you hear it click or open the garage door with the wall button. When you reconnect it, you might notice that the chain is a bit loose, but do not worry—it will tighten up when the door is fully open.

Run a final test.

Test your garage door to check if it is fixed. Open and close the door repeatedly. If the chain is still making noise, tighten the screw some more. Your chain should stay tight for at least one year. Yet, if it becomes too loose, it might be time to replace either the chain or the opener.

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