Titan Garage Doors NE received a call this week from a homeowner in Syracuse, NE, needing a garage door opener repair. The client was looking for a reliable garage door repair company because they had problems with their garage door. When our technicians arrived, they found that the garage door opener was not responding because of loose wiring and a broken antenna. We checked the door control wiring and quickly made all the adjustments. We also made sure the antenna was visible and hanging from the motor. Before leaving, we tested the garage door opener to see if it worked efficiently. Our technician was able to fix the garage door opener, and the garage door was working smoothly again. The client was happy with our fast and efficient service, but we were happier to help the homeowner get their garage door opener back in working order. 

Your garage door may not be opening properly for several different reasons. If it malfunctions, you might need to repair all or part of your garage door opener, or it will not fully open the door. In this case, it is best to ask for help from seasoned garage door experts from Titan Garage Doors NE. We are more familiar and experienced with garage doors and will surely fix them when they suddenly stop working.

Why Does Your Garage Door Stop Responding

Disconnected or Damaged Remote Control

The wall-mounted panel and remote control can either be used to operate an automatic garage door. You only need to press a button on the panel or the remote control to open your garage door. The garage door opener receives a signal from the remote control to open or close the garage.

You might have a broken remote control if your garage door does not open. You can troubleshoot your remote control in the following ways:

Get In Range of the Garage Door

Get closer to the garage door since your remote control's sensor might be too far away. Try using the remote while getting closer to the door.

Fix the Antenna

Either the signal is blocked, or the antenna is damaged. Make sure the antenna is visible and dangling from the motor to test the functionality of your sensor.

Replace the Battery

You might need to change the batteries in the garage door remote control if you can open the garage door by pressing buttons on the wall-mounted panel. Either 3-volt lithium or 12-volt battery is required for your remote control. You might need to reset your remote when you change the battery.

Reprogram the Remote

The remote control must be reprogrammed to work with your garage door system. Always consult the user handbook to find out how to reprogram your remote control.

Install an Application

You can download a mobile application for your phone that links to your garage door. Then, you will not need a remote control if you have the option to operate the garage door from your phone. How convenient is that?

Deactivate the Lock Feature

Turn off the lock feature by pressing and holding down the "lock" button if the light on your door control panel is blinking. Holding down the "lock" button will activate the lock feature once more if necessary.

Check the Door Control Wiring

If the wall-mounted panel and remote control work, but the garage door will not open, check the wiring on the door control. Disconnect the two wires from the motor and unplug the opener. Next, reconnect the power to your device, then reprogram all remote controls. Finally, use the remote to test your garage door.

Does your garage door opener malfunction? You can get help from Titan Garage Doors NE if you cannot get your garage door to open. We offer garage door installation, garage door repair, and maintenance for homes in Omaha and Lincoln, NE, Council Bluffs, IA, and neighboring cities.

If you own a business in these areas, have our Titan Garage Doors NE team inspect, repair, or replace your commercial garage doors. If your garage door is giving you trouble, contact us immediately to schedule a garage door service or ask for an estimate.