We responded to a service request for garage door repair in Bellevue, NE. A homeowner told us that the cable on their garage door had snapped, and the door was now leaning to one side. They knew their garage door’s cable had been loose for quite a while, but they did not want to make an appointment. The door no longer responded to their remote, so they could not get into the garage. They tried calling a few companies but did not like the price quotes they got. Since they wanted it serviced as soon as possible, we rushed and looked at it that day. We replaced the cables, tested them to ensure they were working properly, and then showed the homeowner how to maintain their new cables.

While garage door cables are extremely strong and flexible, they are not everlasting. In fact, most cables break at the end loops of the springs. But even a broken cable can pose a safety threat to you and your family. So when your garage door’s springs break or become loose, you should replace them quickly. Some people choose to do repairs themselves, but this is only for those with great DIY skills and an eye for detail. Those without these learned skills should immediately contact a professional garage door company like Titan Garage Doors NE.

Common Issues With Garage Door Cables

Several things may have gone wrong when you run into an issue with your cable. For example, the cables can become jammed as they unwind from the drum. Also, the pulleys wear out over time, which can cause the cable to malfunction and break. Or a few components could be defective, causing a faulty design or an overall weak performance.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong when a garage door cable breaks or snaps. For example, broken door cables could cause the drive pulley to disconnect from the drum on one side. That will cause the top of the door to sag toward the ground. As a result, it can obstruct the top of the door and the closure mechanisms.

When you notice the cables begin to rust and fray, they can snap under tension, causing a gaping hole in the door and serious injury below it. Though you can theoretically fix a broken garage door, doing so is unsafe. In addition, there are some risks associated with the task. For example, lubricating and adjusting the remaining components of your system is necessary to ensure that your garage door meets safety standards.

If a Cable Breaks, Can You Still Open the Garage Door?

We strongly urge that you refrain from using a garage door with a broken or loose cable. The tension on the remaining cables may cause them to snap and send the door crashing down on top of whatever or whoever is underneath it. Although you can open the door even with a broken cable, you should call emergency garage door repair technicians to avoid an accident.

How to Check Garage Door Cables

Garage door cables pull your weighty garage door up and down and let it close without power. When you notice that your garage door is no longer raising properly or staying closed, there could be big problems with the cables. Ensure any worn or damaged parts are replaced before using the door again.

Pay attention to the condition of the cables. Are they showing any signs of damage? Do they have broken strands or bits and pieces sticking out? Check for and follow any frays you find until you get to the cause of the damage. Also, check the pulleys for dents, cracks, or other signs of wear and tear.

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