A resident from Elkhorn, NE, called Titan Garage Doors NE for help. Their garage door was unbalanced and noisy during opening and closing. They sprayed over some W-D40 because they initially thought the hardware lacked lubrication, but the problem remained. We dispatched our team in no time and quickly diagnosed the problem. Upon visual inspection, our technician found out the garage door rollers were already broken due to wear and tear. Since they were made of plastic, it was not unusual that they easily got broken, and others were out of track. We immediately replaced them with nylon garage door rollers that were quieter and guaranteed to last. The garage door was back on track and perfectly running in no time. With prompt and effective garage door repair service, the client was impressed and convinced that we were one of the best in this field.

If you have a garage, there is a good possibility you will encounter or have previously encountered a crooked or uneven garage door due to broken rollers. Garage door rollers are crucial parts of any garage door system since they are responsible for properly moving your garage door up and down the tracks. Unfortunately, with use and abuse, they are easily damaged. With this, our garage door repair experts are here to advise you on identifying and fixing problems with your garage door rollers.

Spotting Issues With Your Garage Door Rollers

Anyone who frequently uses the door faces risk due to misaligned or broken rollers. The following are the most typical indications that your rollers need repair:

Noisy Operation of Garage Doors

If your rollers are broken, you can hear cracking or grinding sounds as your garage door opens and closes. To determine the issue, it is essential to have a professional evaluate your garage door, as other problems like worn hinges or a locked torsion spring might generate similar sounds.

Violent Vibration

Your garage door can move smoothly up and down the track thanks to rollers. However, when the rollers are damaged in any way, the garage door may start to vibrate loudly when opening and shutting.

Crooked or Unbalanced Door

In addition to the springs and cable, other garage door components, like garage door rollers, may also malfunction. It may be related to how smoothly the rollers move down the rails if your garage door has shifted to one side. A garage must easily retract into your garage for it to function normally.

A jammed or misaligned garage door may result from a problem with the rollers and trackers. For example, the garage door may not operate if the rollers completely jump off the track. On the other hand, the door may have properly aligned rollers if it pulls to one side when you open it or moves only partially up and down. Due to defective rollers, your garage door may sag to one side or jump off the tracks. 

Visible Damage

Examine your rollers closely if they are worn out or damaged. Wheel chipping and cracking are obvious signs that a roller needs to be changed. Additionally, ensure the rod is straight, and the connection between it and the wheel is secure.


When garage door rollers reach the end of their useful life, they are usually worn out and susceptible to breaking. The sort of rollers you have will determine how long they last. Steel and plastic rollers without ball bearings have a short lifespan. If properly maintained, steel and nylon rollers with ball bearings can last up to 15 years.

While you should leave the repair work to the experts, you can take care of your garage door rollers' upkeep. This preventive measure will ensure that they only need to be changed after their lifespan has expired.

Remember: It is crucial to lubricate your rollers with ball bearings at least once a year if you have any (or call in a professional to perform this task).

If you need to replace your garage door rollers or if you want to upgrade to high-performance ones, contact the professional team at Titan Garage Doors NE. We are one of Omaha's top garage door companies. We have earned this reputation through years of hard work, dedication, and dependable customer service. 

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