A pair of old garage door springs had left this Ralston, NE, home’s garage door unreliable, noisy, and unsafe to use. That was a big hassle, affecting not just the security of their home but also the client’s daily life. They needed quick and efficient garage door repair, so they reached out to Titan Garage Doors NE for help.

After the call, we went to the site right away to look at the garage door and figure out what needed to be done. Our experienced team brought the right tools and spare parts to replace the faulty springs.

The Scope of the Garage Door Repair

Our objective was clear: to replace the broken spring, restore the garage door’s functionality, ensure safety, and minimize disruption for the household.

Damage Evaluation: First, we checked the garage door to see how much damage there was. The springs looked rusty and stretched out. After testing the garage door, we confirmed we needed to replace both springs.

Spring Selection: We went for a set of quality and durable torsion springs that would work well with their garage door.

New Spring Installation: Our team carefully removed the old springs and put in the new ones, following all safety guidelines.

Testing and Adjustments: Once again, we tested the garage door to make sure it worked right. With a few adjustments, we ensured it opened and closed smoothly.

Final Check: Finally, we did one last check to see if everything was working perfectly.

Project Outcome

In no time, we were able to finish the job and to the homeowner’s satisfaction. The new pair of springs made the garage door work like new again, safe and reliable. This project showed Titan Garage Doors NE’s commitment to quality work and making our clients happy.

Trustworthy Garage Door Solutions from Titan Garage Doors NE

This repair job is a great example of how Titan Garage Doors NE can solve even the trickiest garage door problems. Our dedication to excellent service and solutions means homeowners in Ralston, NE, can count on us for their garage door repair needs. On this task, the client felt relieved to have their garage door working again, and we were happy to help make their life a little easier.

How to Make the Garage Door Torsion Spring Last Longer

Follow these steps to help your garage door springs work well for a longer time.

1. Lubricate Them Once a Year: Put silicone-based lube on the springs every year to keep them moving smoothly and prevent them from rusting.

2. Keep It Dry: You may use a dehumidifier to take moisture out of the air in your garage. This appliance could help prevent the springs from getting rusty.

3. Check Regularly: Look over your garage door parts often for any signs of wear or damage. However, it is best to have a professional check everything once a year, too.

4. Keep the Door Balanced: Make sure your garage door stays in place when you open it halfway by hand. If it does not, it might need an adjustment.

5. Open and Close Only When Needed: Try not to use your garage door more than you have to. It helps the springs last longer.

6. Replace Springs in Pairs: Does your garage door use two springs and one break? Change them both at the same time for the right balance.

7. Go for Quality: When you need new springs, choose high-quality ones. They might cost more but will last longer and work better.

Facing issues with your garage door torsion spring? Titan Garage Doors NE is ready to help with prompt, reliable repair, maintenance, and installation services. Do not let a faulty garage door affect your day—contact us and let our experts ensure your garage door operates flawlessly.