A family in Council Bluffs, Iowa, was all packed for a weekend trip when they heard a loud snap from the garage door. When they tried to exit the garage, the door did not move and stayed shut. They felt frustrated and confused as they looked closely. It was easy to see that the garage door torsion spring had broken. Because they needed expert help, they chose to go with Titan Garage Doors NE. After a few minutes, a technician arrived to assess the issue and provide an exact estimate for the garage door repair

We were sure that replacing the faulty spring would do the trick and told them how much it would cost. The client agreed, so we worked on the repairs over the next few minutes. We replaced both torsion springs, ensuring they were securely tightened and aligned. After almost an hour, the garage door sprang to life and opened smoothly with a button press. The client’s positive reaction was a delight to witness. They were filled with relief and joy, for we had saved the day! We received nothing but praise for the quick, successful fix. 

Have you ever had the same experience of pulling up to your garage only to find that the door won’t open? You press the button and hear the motor running, but the door remains stubbornly shut. It is a discouraging sight – especially when your family is about to leave for a planned vacation. But do not despair. Here are a few things to remember if the springs on your garage door break. Let us take a look.

What to Do if the Springs on Your Garage Door Break?

If your garage door spring fails, take the following steps:

Stay Safe 

It is important to quickly inform anyone in your vicinity of the issue with the garage door and ensure that they keep a safe distance from it. If a door’s spring breaks, it can become unsteady or fall, which is a big safety risk.

Disconnect the Garage Door Opener

To make your garage door safe, turn off the opener. Look for the emergency release cord and pull it down. That should let you move the door up and down by hand. But be careful – it will be heavier without the springs. So use locking pliers or clamps to keep it open. This way, it will not suddenly close on its own.

Do Not Attempt DIY Repairs

It is not advisable to attempt repairing your garage door on your own. Replacing the springs is hard and could be risky. Do not try to replace the spring independently unless you have the required knowledge, tools, and expertise. Trying to fix a door yourself can hurt you or cause more damage to the door.

Call a Pro

Call a trusted local garage door repair company to plan a site inspection and provide a spring replacement. They have the knowledge and special tools to safely repair the broken spring and ensure the door works right.

Why Do You Need Professionals to Replace Your Garage Door Spring?

Hiring a pro to replace your garage door spring is strongly suggested. Garage door springs are under much pressure. It can be risky to work with if you lack the right information, tools, and experience. Attempting to change the spring by yourself can injure or damage your property.

Professional garage door techs know how to handle garage door springs because they have been trained. They have the knowledge and tools to replace or repair springs properly. By hiring pros, you can ensure your garage door spring replacement is done safely and effectively. In addition, they can identify any other issues with your garage door system and resolve them.

Are you having trouble opening and closing your garage door? Do not waste your time and risk further damage to the spring system by attempting to fix it yourself. Titan Garage Doors NE is your go-to garage door spring replacement source in and around Lincoln, NE, and Council Bluffs, Iowa. We can replace your garage door springs quickly and professionally for your convenience. Our licensed technicians will ensure your new springs are installed properly and securely. We use the best torsion spring materials to ensure your garage door works smoothly and reliably. Plus, our affordable prices make maintaining your door’s excellent condition effortless. So, trust only Titan Garage Doors NE to fix whatever issues you may have. Call us today for free estimates.