We received a call from a Lincoln, NE, client to come over and work on their garage door. While opening the door one morning, the system started making terrible noises and would not close snugly against the floor. When they returned home later that day and opened the garage door, they could tell it had become even more unbalanced. Upon inspection, our technicians diagnosed that the torsion springs were not providing enough tension to counterbalance the garage door’s weight. We adjusted the springs to their ideal tension and tightened the set screws to fix the issue. Finally, we lubricated the springs using an industrial-grade spray. We tested the door several times and ensured we made the right adjustments. The homeowner was happy that their door was working perfectly. Another successful garage door repair by our team!

When your garage door experiences issues, we at Titan Garage Doors NE know how frustrating it can be. No matter how big or minor the problem is, we know it can ruin your day. An unbalanced garage door can become a significant problem if left unaddressed. When you find that your garage door seems to be out of balance, it likely means the springs need to be fixed. 

Symptoms of an Unbalanced Garage Door

You may notice various symptoms when your garage door is unbalanced, such as a slow-performing or malfunctioning garage door opener. Another sign of an unbalanced garage door includes an unusual sound each time the door opens or closes due to uneven forces on the rollers. You would also notice that your garage door tends to be difficult to open and close or slants or sags when fully open.  

What Causes an Unbalanced Garage Door

To understand unbalanced garage doors, you should first comprehend the concept of a balanced door. A balanced door has parts that act as one unit and move up and down together. That eliminates the pressure of moving resistance, slowing it down. In nature, a perfectly balanced garage door will require zero effort to open or close it. 

When your door is unbalanced, vertical movement can be slowed or stopped by one of its sections pressuring different sections of the door. For example, some garage doors may be too heavy for their springs. Another scenario can be the rollers needing to be adjusted properly. Because they tilt sometimes, they cannot drive the door smoothly. Finally, as with this client’s case, the springs’ tension was too weak or strong to counterbalance the door’s weight. 

How to Test the Balance of a Garage Door

Many homeowners are not aware of the symptoms of an unbalanced garage door. Unfortunately, in many cases, this leads to a sudden problem that could have been prevented by simply checking the balance. Here is how to check your garage door for imbalance.

First, shut the door from inside the garage. Then, take the door’s opener off of it. Next, manually open and close the garage door, and it should move as freely as you do so. Finally, apply lubricant to the rollers and hinges as directed in your owner’s handbook if the door sticks.

Next, manually raise the door halfway, then slowly let go. If the springs are working, the door will stay in position. If the door is out of balance, it slams shut or flies open. Reconnect the door to the opener if the tested door is balanced.

Consult a garage door expert if your door is unbalanced or too heavy to move. An imbalanced garage door typically indicates a problem with the spring. As garage door springs can be dangerous, we strongly advise against attempting to resolve a spring issue on your own. Instead, call a skilled and licensed garage door specialist to fix the problem.

When you have a garage door spring in poor shape, it can mean some big headaches for you. At Titan Garage Doors NE, we know that your garage door is one of your most important investments. So we offer a wide range of services to keep it operational and in top condition. We have you covered everything from adjusting torsion spring tension to repairing broken parts. We also offer a full range of warranties to give you peace of mind. So contact us today for all your garage door repair needs!