A homeowner in Omaha, NE, was in a bit of a pickle when the spring on his garage door suddenly snapped. The garage door got stuck, and they could not open or close it. They called Titan Garage Doors NE for an emergency fix because they wanted to get things back on track. Our experienced team got there quickly and advised a garage door spring replacement.

We fixed the door by replacing the broken springs with a new one, which we did quickly and well. This upgrade would make the spring last longer and work better for years. The homeowner’s day got better when Titan Garage Doors NE brought their garage door back to life. It now has stronger springs that will surely last for a long time.

Garage doors are important because they make our lives easier and keep us safe. When spring breaks, it can pose unexpected dangers. Homeowners must know the reasons, signs, and ways to fix broken garage door springs.

What Can Cause a Garage Door Spring to Break?

Residents can prevent spring breakage by identifying its cause and taking preventive measures. So here are the common reasons garage door springs break:

• Wear and tear over time 

• Corrosion and rust

• High-temperature changes

• Lack of regular maintenance

Signs of a Broken Garage Door Spring

Knowing the signs of a broken spring is important so you can fix it quickly. Signs include having trouble opening or closing the door easily and hearing a loud snapping or popping sound. A visual check can show a broken spring, which needs a quick fix.

Why It Is Important to Replace Garage Door Springs on Time

If you do not fix a broken garage door spring right away, it can cause more damage and safety problems. A faulty garage door part could cause a costly blow to the system and put people and property at risk. Yet, when you replace the springs on time, the garage door will work safely and smoothly.

DIY Repairs vs. Hiring a Professional

Are you thinking of replacing your garage door spring on your own to save some bucks? Be careful. It might seem simple, but it can be risky if you are not sure how to do it. You could get hurt. So, it is best to let a professional handle it. A pro will do the fix right and safely, reducing any chances of accidents.

How Quality Springs Make a Difference

Invest in high-quality new springs that will pay off in the long run. Quality springs last longer, so your garage door works better, and you do not have to replace them as often.

How Many Cycles Is a Garage Door Spring Good For?

The number of garage door spring cycles shows how often a spring can open and close the door before it wears out.

• Torsion springs have between 15,000 and 20,000 cycles.

• Extension springs only have 5,000 and 10,000 cycles.


Knowing what causes broken garage door springs, how to spot them, and how to fix them gives users the power to take action. Garage doors work well and safely when you replace broken springs on time, do upkeep, and get professional help. By knowing what to do, you can make sure your garage door springs last and work well.

Stuck with a faulty garage door spring? Do not let it disrupt your daily routine! Reach out to Titan Garage Doors NE now for prompt and reliable service you can trust. Our seasoned technicians are on standby, eager to diagnose the issue and restore your garage door’s functionality. With our expertise, you can rest assured that safety and efficiency are our top priorities. So do not hesitate—call us for a free estimate and let us bring convenience back to your doorstep!