No matter what type of door you choose for your business, you should always pay attention to regular commercial garage door maintenance. Commercial garage doors are heavier and more frequently used than residential ones. The constant wear and tear can easily lead to unexpected issues. It can be challenging if your garage door fails to operate suddenly on a business day. On the other hand, proper maintenance can lead to long-term reliability. This blog by Titan Garage Doors NE lists the multiple benefits of commercial garage door maintenance.

The Importance of Commercial Garage Door Maintenance

Commercial garage door maintenance enhances security

A garage door is crucial to a building’s security – whether a residential or commercial space. The sensors should function at their optimum to ensure better safety on a property. But how do you know if the security system is working well throughout? That is where garage door maintenance helps. A proper garage door maintenance program will help you understand if there are any security flaws in a system.

Commercial garage door tune-up improves safety 

A US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s report recommends proper installation, testing, and maintenance of garage doors. Since a garage door is a robust structure, it can cause severe injuries to people and property if broken. However, you can avoid most of these accidents if proper maintenance and timely garage door repair are carried out. During an inspection, a garage door technician will ensure that the springs are intact. They will also check if the safety reversal system works, if the opener is in proper condition, and more.

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Routine maintenance improves durability 

Your garage door and its spare parts come with an expiration date. On average, garage door springs come with a lifespan of about 10,000 uses. You can increase a garage door’s longevity by providing proper lubrication and ensuring ongoing inspection and maintenance. The lack of maintenance and proper care can dramatically reduce garage doors’ durability and result in unexpected problems.

Tune-ups help to save money on emergency repairs

Conducting timely maintenance helps you detect possible repair issues that may arise in the near future. Do not wait for the springs to break or the opener to malfunction. You can foresee the problems and take the necessary steps to replace a part before it breaks. It helps to reduce your overall repair expense. Furthermore, following a good maintenance plan can avoid higher emergency repair costs.

Garage door maintenance improves property appearance and value 

Apart from the functional needs, a timely maintenance plan will make a garage door look new and fresh. Depending on the material it is made of, it needs cleaning at frequent intervals to look its best. Moreover, if scratches or stains remain in certain materials, it may lead to rust. That will decrease the aesthetic value of a garage door. Therefore, a properly maintained garage door will increase the overall value of your commercial property.

Tips for commercial garage door maintenance 

Improper use and lack of maintenance can lead to a commercial garage door malfunction. Here are a few maintenance tips that you should know.

Look for signs of rust 

As you know, metal is prone to rust. If you have steel garage doors, they may start to show signs of rusting over time. You should check for signs of rusting once in a while. If you spot any signs, it is important to hire a garage door professional. They will remove the rust or replace the part to protect it from breaking and causing damage. If you overlook signs of rusting, it can ruin the door’s appearance and decrease its longevity.

Check insulation

Insulated garage doors are the best option for businesses that want energy-efficient options. It will help you regulate the indoor temperature of the overall business location. If you have insulated garage doors, you should regularly inspect the insulation to ensure it is properly installed.

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Look at the weather seals

Water leakage is one of the common issues that will damage garage doors. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the weather seals are in proper order, particularly during the rainy season and snowfall. When water leaks into your garage, make sure you take the necessary action to stop the leakage. Have a professional inspect and replace the weather sealing.

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Proper maintenance of commercial garage doors is essential to ensure the property’s and people’s safety. If you overlook the importance of timely maintenance, it can decrease the longevity of a garage door. Want to improve the lifespan of the commercial garage door? The expert technicians at Titan Garage Doors NE can help you fix all types of garage door issues. In addition, we offer a commercial garage door maintenance program, which will ensure that the garage doors are properly maintained and repaired.

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